Ba To Be Fined By Newcastle – Is This Bring Orchestrated?

It seems the interview Demba Ba did for the French outlet Canal+ could have been a breach of his contract, because he didn’t get permission from the club to do the interview, and of course that was the one in which he said that Arsenal were a very attractive club and that he didn’t like the style of play at Newcastle at the moment.

demba ba 123

Demba Ba – not given permission for Canal+ interview

The story is in the Telegraph and they are reporting that Newcastle could fine Demba Ba two weeks wages and that’s around £90K, assuming he gets around £45K/week.

And the report also cites inside information that Newcastle United made another offer to the Senegal striker last month, in an attempt to remove that daft release clause in his contract, but Newcastle didn’t even receive formal replay to their offer form Ba’s agents.

It’s hard to know how much Demba Ba is involved in all of this, but we’d even hazard a guess that his new discontent with Newcastle has been timed deliberately, so he can claim some reason for moving from Newcastle next month, should a club like Arsenal come along for his services.

Newcastle are reported to be getting tired of the Demba Ba situation – and who can blame the Newcastle board, as it looks like another circus for his services is about to start up again in January.

As we said, we’re not sure how much of this has Ba’s involvement, but the way his agents have acted would strain any club’s patience.

And maybe that’s exactly what will put other clubs off in January – since his agents are almost certain to demand another release clause in his contract and at a low value too – so they get a chance of making even more money off Demba Ba in a year or two.

It’s a bad situation at Newcastle with Demba Ba – that’s for sure.

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