This Has To Be A Big Concern At Newcastle

Alan Pardew rightly went on last season about creating a winning atmosphere at Newcastle, and our team more times than not found ways to win games, and in April we went on that great six game winning streak in the league, before we were undone at Wigan.

alan pardew at benton

Alan Pardew – has to inspire his players

And of course the wins give the players that extra confidence, which sets them up nicely to win the next game.  Unfortunately the same thing happens when you are losing games – as Newcastle have over these seven league games – and we’ve managed to lose six of them.

And the same thing in reverse happens when the players’ confidence is down, and then not only do the players not play at your best – but they tend to start doing things that lose games – like we did at Stoke, Fulham and Manchester City in the second half, after being well positioned in all three matches.

And it’s a sad fact that while winning teams do those thing that win games – so do losing teams do things that ensure they lose games – like giving away sloppy goals at crucial times in a match.

This has to be a growing concern for Alan Pardew and the coaches at Newcastle, because we’ve seen that confidence is everything in football, and how many times have we seen a striker score his first goal after a barren spell – and then score another in the same game.

That illustrates just how much confidence plays in this game of football, and why Alan Pardew has to inspire his players to start playing at the level we know they can play at.

But more defeats and the hole we are digging will get deeper, and it will become harder and harder to climb out of it.

Our players must remain positive and give it their all in every game – starting against QPR on Saturday at St. James’ Park.

We can still get out of this but it’s really up to the players now – to show what they are made of – and get us out of this nightmare.

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