Demba Ba Release Clause Active In Every Transfer Window

It seems that in every transfer window, Demba Ba’s release clause will become active, so if for some reason he’s still at Newcastle in February, the release clause will again become active in the summer – is this a sorry state of affairs or is this a sorry state of affairs?

alan pardew

Alan Pardew – at his press conference

Alan Pardew talked about the Demba Ba situation in his press conference today, when he asked about the Senegal International:

“It’s unfortunate that the contract he has leaves open a lot of questions because we have this clause and every window that comes around, I have to answer the same questions.”

“It would be disappointing for him to leave in this window for this club and for his team-mates here, but the decision will be his, ultimately, because that clause is there.”

“The most important things we have got with Demba is he is someone who is a goalscorer and he is scoring goals, and that’s very, very important to a side.” “His commitment to and work-rate for the team, I don’t fault.”

The interview Ba gave recently to Canal+ came up in the press conference, and Alan Pardew said he had talked to Ba about it, and that his comments were misinterpreted when the translation was made into English – and Alan was satisfied that Demba Ba did nothing wrong and he would not be fined.

This is what Alan said about that interview:

“I have had to because it was quoted in England not correctly, and that’s unfair on Demba and unfair on us.” “There will be no disciplinary procedure against him. There was one procedural matter where he could have informed us and should have, really, but that’s neither here nor there.”

“The most important thing for me is that the content of that conversation was about trying to turn the situation around, like all of us.” “We are professional people, we want to win. That’s what we are paid for and I have got no problem with anything he said in that interview.”

Alan was more than down to earth in the news conference, and in a way it was refreshing that he accepted Newcastle were in a very bad situation currently – yes it’s doom and gloom he said – but he also said it’s up to himself,  the coaches and of course the players to fight their way out of the mess we are in.

And Alan said the fight against relegation could well go on until May – when the season ends.

I hope he was saying that with tongue in cheek – but it didn’t look like it. 🙁

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