Pardew – Shola’s Goal Class – But Feels Sorry For Fans

Alan Pardew had labeled the game today as a must win game – and thanks to a wonderful goal form Shola Ameobi with just nine minutes left in the game, Newcastle took all three points, but it was an ugly game to watch and the Newcastle manager has admitted as much.

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Alan Pardew – felt sorry for the Newcastle fans

Alan Pardew has learned very quickly what Newcastle fans expect of their team and he knew today’s performance was far from what the fans want tos ee, and it was a poor games between two poor sides, but it was a fantastic three points at the end of the day.

This is what a subdued Alan Pardew said after the game:

“The pudding will taste a little bit sweeter. I feel sorry for our fans. We have put them through the rack, really, over this last period.” “They have watched some football that hasn’t been our best.”

“But you have periods in your tenure as a manager and sometimes a season.” “Last season, we sailed through one or two low moments but not many. This year, it’s been a sustained little run.”

“But the last five games, two wins in the last four Premier League games, they are starting to look the right sort of stats now.” “Now we need to back that up and get a big win against one of the big clubs, and that would really cement us into mid-table.”

“Shola’s a big man and this was a big occasion and he likes big occasions.” “I wanted to get Shola on the pitch, and thank goodness I did because it was a really class finish.” “He could have taken the shot with his right foot, which is his stronger foot, but to have that composure in that area is first-class.”

It was Shola’s day today alright, and his very first goal of the season in the league, but his third overall, and it was a terrific effort and his overall play was good too – and we expect Shola to start at Old Trafford on Wednesday.

The 31 year-old takes an awful lot of criticism, but let’s admit he was Newcastle’s hero today.

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