There’s No Team Spirit – Newcastle Like A Slow Car Crash

Malcolm Macdonald has always been outspoken, and he’s come out today and said that there’s no team spirit at Newcastle at the moment, and he thinks that’s like a disease eating away at the club and spreading like wildfire – which planet is this guy living on?

malcom macdonald

Malcolm Macdonald –

This is what Macdonald had to say in the Daily Star:

“I’m just telling it as I see it and it’s like a slow-motion car crash before my eyes.” “There’s no communication on the pitch. Players aren’t looking out for each other. There’s no team spirit.” “Okay, people who disagree will say Newcastle played well against Man City. Yes, they did and got beaten 3-1.”

“You can play all the best football you want and still get relegated. If Newcastle don’t snap themselves out of this dreadful situation my worry is that they will get relegated.” “They must put arguments aside and go about the job in a professional way. Put the club and the supporters first and not their squabbles.”

“Newcastle have Man United, Arsenal and Everton coming up – three of the top six. If they don’t buck up their ideas by the time January comes around they’ll be looking to bring in players.” “But they are not going to get the quality they need because players will look at the league table and say, ‘I’m not joining you, you’re going down’.”

“It’s like a disease eating away at the club and it’s spreading like wildfire.” “It’s a nightmare. Excuses are being made without people pin-pointing what’s really gone wrong.” “It seems to me as if there’s a battle going on between the French and Spanish – speaking players.”

“I’m seeing things on the pitch which don’t add up. I saw Gutierrez come in from wide left into center midfield and stand by Cabaye as if he was man-to-man marking.” “Cabaye gestured to get back to the left and Gutierrez ignored him. So Cabaye just shrugged his shoulders and went out to play on the left.”

“That was the first indication that something was seriously wrong.” “I’m just seeing people not getting on.” “You don’t have to like each other. But you go out on that pitch and treat everyone the same.” “When you have a dressing room situation, the first things to suffer are results and performances. And Newcastle’s have been dreadful.”

“One or two players are looking around thinking, ‘What the hell is going on?’” “Ben Arfa looks like he’s getting sick and tired of it all. He’s not joining either camp but is obviously upset with the situation.” “The divide is complicated but it’s cutting the cake into slices. It’s totally damaging.”

“The manager has got to sit down with the players and get it sorted. But he’s got one hell of a situation on his hands.” “How do you mend it? You need people wanting to work together. Just one look at the table tells you how serious it is. It’s there for all to see.”

When a team goes through a bad patch – which is what’s happening at Newcastle at the moment – there will always be tension on and off the pitch – that’s the way things happen, but we haven’t seen too much of what Malcolm is talking about, and we also don’t want to manufacture a problem that may not be there.

At the very least Malcolm is way overstating the situation in our opinion.

The win yesterday will have done the club and our players a power of good, and we are now looking forward to our lads putting up a couple of good fighting performances at Old Trafford and the Emirates in our next two games.

What do you think about Macdonald’s comments?

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