Newcastle Need Some Good Defenders In January

We’ve never seen Alan Pardew so despondent after a game as he was yesterday, and the Newcastle manager was bemoaning the fact that the team should have got the win at Old Trafford yesterday, which would have been a monumental 3 points for the Newcastle side and the first win there since February of 1972.

alan pardew after manu 4-3 loss

A weary looking Alan Pardew yesterday after 4-3 loss at Old Trafford

But it wasn’t to be and we let in two sloppy goals after being 3-2 up after 68 minutes, with goals conceded in the 71st and 90th minute to lose the game – our 7th loss in the last 9 league games.

And in this bad run we’ve been having,  we seem to find ways of ending up on the losing side, and we haven’t even drawn a league game since we drew 1-1 at Liverpool in early November, but after that game the rot started when we lost 1-0 at home to West Ham – a game we were all expecting to win.

But it’s clear that the Newcastle defense has been our weakness for the last three seasons,  but we’ve done precious little to strengthen the back four, bringing in Davide Santon for the departed Jose Enrique last year, and Davide is the only new defender we’ve brought in since we were promoted in 2010.

We gave to hope that Newcastle can now bring in two good defenders next month to fortify the defense, because there’s no doubt that with a stronger defense over the last nine games, we could have won more games and not be in the plight we are -in right now –  gaining just 18 points from our first 19 league games, which is two points worse off than in our relegation season, and 10 points worse off than last season.

There’ still time for Newcastle to come away, but we’ll need to get on a good win streak before the end of the season if we are to make the top eight – and currently we are 8 points behind 8th placed Stoke City in the Premier League – with Stoke beating Liverpool 3-1 at home yesterday in the late game.

So you can appreciate why Alan Pardew was so upset at the end of the game yesterday – our stats since the Liverpool game on 4th November have been alarming.

What do you think?

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  • DeanToon88

    Dec 27, 2012 at 6:53 AM

    Comment #1

    we are probablys going to get religated, no matter how well we play we concede scruffy goals, and it’s going to cost us in the end.

  • PortsladeToon

    Dec 27, 2012 at 7:01 AM

    Comment #2

    Nice positive attitude not!!, if we carry on playing like we did yesterday we will not go down we would have beaten most teams playing like that it just turns out we played manure when they are on top of their game again, not outplayed at all just manure got lucky

  • ba humbug

    Dec 27, 2012 at 7:26 AM

    Comment #3

    Can’t sleep and on her before the trolls get out from under their bridges.

    Some observations from yesterday.

    If Ba had put Cisse in instead of shooting wide we would have been two up. We seriously need a much better partnership up front. Might be difficult to coach players to seek each other out unless you have a pass and move approach. Great anticipation by Perchinho though.

    Krul is not on his best form. He looked slow in getting down for their second and third goals and I thought would have pushed both these round the post last season when he was on stunning form. Its not all Simmo and Willo underperforming at the back.

    Our defence is so static. They don’t seem to anticipate balls being played into space and look that fraction of a second too slow in closing players down. Saylor is real good at this but is never going to play a full season. Willow and Simmo were flat footed for their fourth goal – they just did not move to cover the player at all. These guys don’t seem to be able to rise to the occasion, though Simmo did get an assist. They are too average.

    A comparison with Fletcher was made on here last night with Sammi getting a bit of flak for lack of desire. Yeh he does look awkward and maybe he’s heading for the prima donna also ran club – loves the kudos but lacks professionalism. Get yer head down and graft Sammi.

    Who said Obertan can’t cross ?

    We are strong in midfield. Bigi has star quality. Marveaux is building confidence as well as showing creativity and not as easy knocked off the ball the more he plays.

    Anita is total quality and creative with it. Really want to see him, Cabs, Marv and Benny in the same side going forward.

    Even missing HBA and Cabs we got three goals at Old Trafford. That ain’t down to a lack of midfield creativity. We can do it – if Pards sets the team up for the counter like he did yesterday. I feel his biggest weakness is lack of courage in setting teams up. He has tended to sit back and protect – which is plain stupid with our weak defence. Much better tactically recently – especially with subs. I wonder if the Manager of the Year stuff went to his head a bit. Dizzy with success ‘n’ all that. Looks like he’s come to his senses now tho. Desperado.

    And finally – please Transfer Fairy can we have two solid defenders and a quality striker to replace Ba ?
    And ideally a BTB midfielder for extra cover ?
    I know that’s four and I’d settle for the two defenders if Ba stays and Strolla doesn’t go to ACON.

  • Graeme

    Dec 27, 2012 at 10:02 AM

    Comment #4

    It wasnt just Williamson, who is the usual whipping boy when the back looks poor. Yesterday, Collo had a shocking game, he was guilty of turning his back on an attacker, yet again, he was ball watching for their 2nd and 3rd goals instead of covering his man.

    At this level, its just not acceptable; maybe we need two first rate CB’s so both Collo and Williamson can have a rest and recover their purpose!!

  • Crawfordladd17

    Dec 27, 2012 at 10:21 AM

    Comment #5

    We have so many points Man United and Stoke we dropped 3, Liverpool and Sunderland we conceded late goals to drop 2 points in each match. West Ham And Swansea no one derserved to win theses games should of been a draw. That is 10 points and that is the top of my head I’m sure there is a couple more points

  • Sav

    Dec 27, 2012 at 2:48 PM

    Comment #6

    Midfielders were largely to blame for goals 2 and 3. Marveaux didn’t do enough to halt Evra yet most of you made him your new MOM flavour of the month. Colo can’t do it all but to see him charging down the left wing to rescue a point at the end makes me wonder if we all watched the same game.

  • Sav

    Dec 27, 2012 at 2:53 PM

    Comment #7

    This match just another illustration of the folly of Mashley’s parsimony last summer. All committed Toon fans knew it then and have had it reinforced time and again as the lads have failed for just a little more quality and reinforcement in key areas. Its nothing new to us. A club MUST show ambition tpo keep its best players. Mashley’s ambition is measured in £s, not points.

  • BeeGuy

    Dec 27, 2012 at 3:42 PM

    Comment #8

    Simply put, Simmo gave up on the last two goals. Didn’t even come back on the Pea & gave him a free run. Buy a replacement or give Tav a chance.


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