Pardew Blasts Demba Ba’s Agents – Wants Striker To Stay

Alan Pardew is nothing if not an eternal optimist,  and he has come out and even praised Demba Ba today, for his professionalism at Newcastle, and he has also blasted his representatives, who are simply trying to make some money off their client.

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Demba Ba – not in control of the situation

It’s fairly obvious to everybody that his greedy agents are simply trying to line their pockets by selling Ba to the highest bidder, but that may not be obvious to the player himself.

This is what Alan Pardew said about the situation today:

“I feel bit sorry for Demba because the people representing him are not representing him.” “There are people out there fueling it who are not involved.” “The contract is what it is and as manager I want it to be resolved.”

“There is a contract for him to sign and it is getting close to the point where we say no more, but the offer is still there. I want him to stay.” “It has been a saga since the summer and the way the contract was drawn up at the time means we can’t get out of it, but I understand why it was that way at the time.”

“I still think in this window he will stay because of the situation we are in, but that will be up to him.” “The contract terms have been bandied around which has not helped and people are getting involved who have no right to be involved.”

“It is difficult for our fans because they love him and they want him to play in a black and white shirt – we look potent again.” “One thing I don’t have to worry about is Demba’s mental state. He is one of the strongest footballers I have ever come across.”

“He had disappointments in his early career with bad injuries and the way some clubs treated him but he can have no complaints about how we have treated him.” “We have been brilliant for him. I hope he rewards us by staying for another couple of years.”

Those are good words from Alan Pardew and obviously meant to be read by Demba Ba himself.

But why does he let the people who are supposedly representing him do all this stupid stuff that they started in the summer?

We hope Ba will stay – but he will need new representation if that is to become possible, and we  think the Newcastle manager is realizing this farce is just unacceptable behavior from his representative – and it needs to stop – and the sooner the better as far as our club is concerned.

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