It’s Sobering, But Newcastle Cannot Compete With Big Clubs

It’s’s been very sobering the way Chelsea have moved in for Demba Ba over the last few days, and although he’s not yet officially a Chelsea player, it shows that Newcastle just cannot compete with the big boys in the Premier League, and when we get a player approaching world-class – we cannot hold onto him – even though we tried in the case of Ba.

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Mike Ashley – manages Newcastle with a certain thrift

And if you think what’s happened in the Premier League over the last five years or so, two clubs have emerged to join the perennial top four, and they’ve become two of the top six – and those two clubs are Manchester City and Tottenham.

Manchester City have become a good team because their Arab owners have spent over £800M on the club since they bought the club in August of 2008, and yes that helps, and before that Manchester City were an ordinary club and certainly in the shadows of Manchester United.

But no longer, and City have become a definite threat to Manchester United’ dominance in the Premier League, and we dare say if Mike Ashley had spent £800M on new players for Newcastle, we’d be close to where City are right now.

And what have Newcastle done over the last five years?

We were relegated four years ago, but we had come back very well indeed and finished 5th top last year and we got back into Europe – and it was an unbelievable season.

It seems even more unbelievable now, because a combination of injuries, extra games in Europe, and poor form from our fit players since November, and we’ve made a nasty habit of losing games, and now we are 6th bottom of the league with just 20 points from 21 league games played, and we have 11 defeats already – as many as we has all last season.

So even if we can come away the best we could probably do is get in the upper half of the league table, but there will be no European competition next season, and that’s probably good because we haven’t got a big enough squad.

So our progress seems to have hit the proverbial brick wall this season, and after our form over the last eleven league games, we’ll be happy enough to still be in the Premier League next season.

Such is the ambitions of what we are – a second tier club in the Premier League – and as Alan Pardew keeps telling us all the time – we simply cannot compete financially with the big clubs.

He’s right, and if we hadn’t really believed that before, the Chelsea move for one of our best players Demba Ba in the middle of the season, has shown that to be true.

That’s the brutal reality about Newcastle United at the moment, and it’s certainly not a happy thought.

But maybe Newcastle will surprise us in January, and bring in four good players to strengthen the squad?

We’ll know soon enough.

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