Bizarre Coloccini Situation Now Has Monday Deadline Day

The news on Fabricio Coloccini yesterday was that the meeting that was supposed to take place to resolve his future, was moved to next Monday, after it was supposed to take place yesterday.

fabricio coloccini new strip

Fabricio Coloccini – could be leaving on Monday

We may be the only ones, but we think this is all so bizarre with a club in Argentina – San Lorenzo – trying to get one of out best players for nothing basically, and Fabricio wants to just walk away from his contract at Newcastle, that still has three and a half years to run.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Coloccini has told Newcastle that he wants to return to Argentina because of personal reasons, and that’s all we’ve been told, although as you may expect there are lots of rumors out there, as to what has really happened.

San Lorenzo President Matias Lammens said this to TyC Sports:

“We were always very clear and we said that it depends on the player.” “We are going to offer him a good contract, he wants to come and I have hope that it can be done. We understand the people of Newcastle, it is hard to let a player like him leave.”

“But Coloccini has to end his contract. We depend on the feelings of the player and on what he can negotiate in England. We can’t buy his transfer in no way. He has been chosen as the best defender of the Premier League, he is an elite player.”

“San Lorenzo can only point to Coloccini’s feelings and not to his pocket. He has personal problems and wants to return to Argentina. We can only offer him a good contract.”

“Coloccini would be an emblem, we will wait until the end of this week – Sunday or Monday. But we do have a Plan B, and the preference of the coach is Mauro Cetto.”

This seems so unfair to Newcastle and if and when Colo leaves, then our  fans will require some explanation – of how come we lost our captain and one of our very best players half through the season – when we are 5th bottom of the league table.

January so far is turning out to be a disaster for Newcastle, and maybe we’ll get some answers today from Alan Pardew during his press conference for the Reading game – but we wont be holding our breath.

Surely things can only go up from now on?

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