Pardew – QPR Not Financially Viable – Unlike Newcastle

We’re pleased that somebody has mentioned the ridiculous financial deals QPR owner Tony Fernandez is doing in each transfer window – in an attempt to keep QPR in the Premier League – as the owner pays way over the odds in both transfer fees and wages – like the £80K/week he paid Loic Remy to get him to Loftus Road – because that’s the only attraction for top players to join QPR, who have the smallest ground capacity in the Premier League of just over 18,000.

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Tony Fernandez – when are these crazy financial deal going to stop?

And after criticizing players at QPR who were being overpaid and were simply average players at best, manager Harry Redknapp seems to have had a change of heart and has been in support of the QPR owner paying out huge wages to both Remy and Samba – who joined QPR in January.

The Financial Fair Play rules introduced by Michel Platini, the President of UEFA a couple of years ago, and were supposed to have European football clubs balance their books within the next couple of years.

And they were supposed to stop these suicidal  financial deals by football clubs spending money the just don’t have, but they seem to be having minimal effect so far, as PSG is another good example of a club acquired by Billionaires, who are spending money like it’s going out of style, and heaven knows what wages David Beckham is being paid by the Paris club.

Obviously Tony Fernedez is putting his own money into the London club – because QPR simply cannot afford the wages and transfer fees being paid out,  given how little money they must generate in both gate receipts and commercial deals.

Alan Pardew has talked today about losing Loic Remy to QPR – and he suggests QPR are simply not viable financially – and he’s right about that – and everybody knows it too:

“When we lost out on Remy it was pretty evident we weren’t going to get a big striker.” “They are pretty difficult to get over the line.”

“You look around and nobody apart from Remy has really moved – maybe Danny Graham, but I don’t think he’s at that level.” “I think that’s something we will look at in the summer.”

“You always want another striker!” “I want Man United’s position – Van Persie, Rooney, Hernandez and Welbeck. That would be nice. But we haven’t got that.”

“Financially, we’ve done our business.” “You know how we work here. It’s not like we are QPR when the owner is putting in his own money. That is going on.” “But they don’t look viable some of the deals they are doing. We are viable, that’s what we do.”

One thing Newcastle found out four years ago was that when players are only at the club for the money – when push comes to shove in games at the bottom of the league table, they tend to disappear in games when the going gets tough.

That may not be the case for QPR, since Harry Redknapp and his coaching team are very good coaches, but when players are signed on big deals and also have escape clauses put into their contracts should QPR be relegated – you wonder just how committed some of the QPR  players are.

QPR can still escape the drop of course, but they need to start winning games, and the commitment of some of their players may be a little worrying for the faithful QPR fans.

But I suppose we’ll find out soon enough.

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