Please Help Support The “Give Tilly a Hand” Appeal

Tilley Lockey’s mother Sarah has contacted me and some other Newcastle web-sites for their support in raising funds for her seven year-old daughter Tilly, as part of the Give Tilly A Hand appeal.


Tilly with Newcastle manager Alan Pardew

Here’s some words from Tilly’s loving mother Sarah about her daughter:

Shown is the image of the handprint that Alan Pardew has created to raise money for my daughter Tilly.  Tilly contracted Meningitis Septicaemia when she was only 15 months old. We were told that Tilly was likely to die but she battled on and thankfully survived. However Tilly’s body was devasted by this awful  disease and Tilly had to have her hands and all of her toes amputated.

The night before Tilly went into surgery to get her hands removed I held her close and made her a promise. I promised Tilly that mummy would do everything that she could to give her some new hands and to help live a happy and confident life. I now dedicate my life to helping my daughter.

When Tilly first came out of hospital we set up ‘The Give Tilly a Hand Appeal’. We decided that we would ask Celebrities if they would mind creating a handprint for Tilly. We would then auction these handprints and the money raised would go into a fund to help Tilly buy her new hands which need to be replaced as she grows and help us pay for the trips to get her new hands made.

It could also help us with any needs that Tilly would have. We have been very lucky that many celebrities have wanted to support our appeal and see it as a very worthy cause.

Alan Pardew created a fabulous handprint out of a collage of images of Newcastle United and got the whole team to sign the handprint. This handprint will go to auction on ebay on Friday the 1st February and will run for a month. We really hope that people will want to support our appeal and bid generously for this fantastic handprint that will be a great collectors piece for any Newcastle United Fan.

Please support this auction on eBay as much as you can – and you can get all information on the Give Tilly A Hand appeal.

Many Thanks,

Ed Harrison.