Danny Simpson Knocked Out In Manchester Street Brawl

News today that Danny Simpson, the Newcastle right-back, got into a scuffle in his home town of Manchester, at some takeaway at 4:00 am on Sunday morning, and there are pictures of Danny having been knocked out cold in the Monday papers today.

danny simpson - nice close up


Danny Simpson – beaten up at 4:00 am on Sunday morning
It’s an exclusive in the Sun,  and there are pictures of Danny lying unconscious in the road – and they are disturbing pictures to say the least, and we’re not going to put any of those pictures or the video of the altercation on here.

But it seems that Danny could have started the fight with a man in his late 40s or early 50s, and as Danny was leaving the scene in a taxi,  he was then dragged out of the taxi and beaten up by what are reported to be two bouncers.

Blood is seen coming out of Danny’s mouth before the paramedics arrived to treat his injuries, and it seems it was two bouncers who dragged Danny out of the taxi and beat him up.

Manchester Police confirmed later they had been to the scene of the brawl after they had reports of the assault.

His new girlfriend Tulsa is in Marbella,  but a friend of hers had this to say about Danny’s altercation:

“Tulisa was shocked and upset when she heard what happened.” “She was worried that Danny might have been badly hurt but she’s been reassured he’ll be fine.”

So it’s yet another thing Alan Pardew will have to see to when he reports in this morning to work.

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