Newcastle Missed Out On Another Two Top Players Last Month

Derek LLambias should give a lot more interviews to the local press, because when he gives the interviews he drops in a few facts now and again which can make big news, and tells us some of what’s going on behind the scenes at the club.

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Loic Remy – one player we missed out on last month
He’s now out for two months at QPR with groin injury

Today, in a number of exclusive interviews in the Evening Chronicle, Derek has said that Newcastle missed out on another two top players who would have been top of the list, and in addition to the other five players we brought in – so we suppose Loic Remy was one of those – but who’s the other – Siem de Jong from Ajax maybe?

Who do you think it could have been?

This is what Derek told Lee Ryder of the Evening Chronicle:

“Am I proud we are top spenders in the window?” “No, success in the window is not about the amount you spend, it is the quality and value you bring in.” “Looking at our working model, I had planned for two of those signings to arrive in the summer.”

“We missed out on two others by the way. The other two would have been on top of the five we brought in.” “They were not next, they would have been on top.” “We just had to bring things forward. Normally we would not do that.”

“The injury list was terrible.” “I spoke to Graham Carr and he said in football you will not see this again.” “He felt what was happening with our squad was unprecedented as far as injuries were concerned.” “We felt we had enough because we had finished fifth with the squad we had and we had added to it.”

“We keep rolling, so the new players we have now, two of those deals were lined up for the summer.” “It is difficult, but we looked at the current situation and we had to make changes to bring things forward.” “So we can bring it forward sometimes if we need to.”

“In November we had our targets, we just had to think how soon we were going to bring them in.” “They did not just crop up in November, we identified them a long time ago.” “If you look at Sissoko, Graham’s first report was from 2010.”
“Graham knew about him from when he was 18.”

“We follow players for years.” “It is a question of bringing things forward quicker than we had planned to sometimes, like we did in January.” “This club’s finances are strong and we have a very strong owner behind it.”  “So we can bring it forward sometimes if we need to.”

It’s very good good to know our finances are now a lot stronger than they were even a couple of years ago – but we must keep in European competition to keep the strong revenue streams coming in.

One of those players we missed out on was definitely Loic Remy, who took the big money at QPR, and of course he’s now out for two months with a groin problem, and we know we were also after 19 year-old Florian Thauvin of Bastia, who joined Lille – but he would have been part of the Development squad.

And we have to think that some of the negotiations that Newcastle had last month was to line up future dealings for the summer, and one of those could well be Siem de Jong -0 who would be a great summer signing for Newcastle.

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