Please Help Eve If You Possibly Can

When we have a chance to help out with Charities and good causes, we take the opportunity to try to help, and we want to let you know today about ten year-old Eve and what her family are going through to keep Eve more in touch with the world – and it puts the rest of our problems we may have into some perspective.

eve may 2010

Beautiful Eve  

The family – step-father Peter and mother Lee – are currently fundraising for their 10 year old daughter Eve, who collapsed on Valentine’s Day in 2011, with a massive brain hemorrhage, which was as the result of a previously undetected and inoperable brain tumor.

Eve’s life turned upside down on that day, and she did incredibly well to survive the ordeal, but unfortunately she has been left suffering with what is called Locked in Syndrome, whereby she understands and recognizes everything that goes on around her,  but is unable to move, talk or do any of the things that she previously was able to do.


The Miller family Eve, Lee, Mia, Peter and Jed – before Eve’s medical problems

Eve obviously needs 24/7 care now, and although grants have helped to provide Eve with her basic needs, such as a lift to get her upstairs and a hoist to get her into the bath etc, the parents are fundraising to be able to buy Eve equipment that can hopefully make her life more comfortable and enjoyable – and of course this kind of equipment is not cheap.

Last year the parents managed to raise £27K for the RVI (Royal Victoria Infirmary) in Newcastle – which is the hospital where Eve spent 9 months having her life saved and then during her recovery.

The family are trying to raise a similar amount to help provide Eve with what she needs.

Eve and parents today

Eve and parents following her brain hemorrhage

Peter has already completed a sponsored 150 mile walk in a week, taking in all of the local football grounds, St James Park, Stadium of Light, Riverside Stadium, and grounds at smaller clubs like Gateshead and Hartlepool.

They are also holding a black tie dinner at St James Park on 23rd March 2013, and have already sold out all 180 tickets for the event.

However, they are going to be offering the chance to bid on some great auction prizes (including a signed NUFC top and tickets for a NUFC match and a raffle with a prize being a chance to play football at St James Park) to their followers on Facebook,  so why not like their Facebook page.

Here are Eve’s Facebook page – and also the Just Giving page.

We will be keeping up with the Miller’s from now on, and if you can pledge on the Just Giving page above and like their Facebook page – that would be awesome.

Many thanks.