Pardew Explains Why Premier League Teams Are Scrambling

It seems that Alan Pardew is ready to go all out and try to do well in the Europa League – now that he has five new players added to the squad last month – and suddenly the Newcastle squad looks the strongest it’s been in a long time.

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Mike Ashley – last thing owner wants is another relegation

Alan will have plenty of decisions to make for his starting eleven tonight against Metalist Kharkiv, since the next game isn’t until next week in the Ukraine – but as usual the Premier League is more important.

And in the next four months we will see a scrambling of the bottom nine or ten clubs as they try to avoid relegation – and we’ve already seen QPR pay out silly money for Samba and Loic Remy – but so far to no avail as they cannot seem to win games.

A new three-year TV deal for the Premier League TV rights starts next season, and the money for that is 70% more than the last three-year deal, so an easy way to think of it – even if it’s not exactly accurate – is that PL teams next season will receive 70% more money than this season.

Alan Pardew tried to explain why staying in the Premier League is so important for Newcastle:

“The Premier League this year is probably more important than any other year. The actual reward for staying in it is the same as Manchester City got for winning the league last year.” “There’s going to be a real race between now and the end of the season to make sure you are a Premier League team at the end of the season because we’ll all be stronger for it.”

“It’s probably the toughest competition other than the Premier League that we are in.” “What it will do is give us great experience. It’s experience we need to build on, because there is no reason if we don’t get into Europe via this competition that we can’t gain European football next year. That is how positive we feel about the group and it is about making sure this end of season is very, very strong for us.”

So while we understand fully why the Premier League games are all important, our squad may be big enough that we can make some progress in Europe this season, and that will help to offset the terrible ten weeks we had from the beginning of November when it seemed like Newcastle went to hell in a hand basket – and some of those games were so difficult to watch.

Let’s hope we can hammer Metalist tonight and have our lads put up a great all out attacking display.

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