What’s This – Love Gets In The Way Of Watching Newcastle?

Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew thinks that the fact today is Valentine’s Day may mean the crowd will be smaller than usual – but he has encouraged the fans to bring the wife or girlfriend tonight – or the missus – is what he actually said.


Whoops – it’s Valentine’s Day today

And most fans hadn’t even heard of  Metalist Karkhiv – so they are hardly a big name club – even if they seem to have more than a decent side.

This is what Alan told the local papers today:

“I’ve got to be honest, the Geordies are maybe a bit too romantic this year!” “Maybe they need to dump the missus and come to the game – or bring her to the game.”

“Unfortunately, the name Metalist doesn’t really attract you, but when you analyse their team – nine South Americans – you know there’s going to be some entertainment and quality on the pitch, for sure.”

“The crowd’s going to be a bit lower than we’d like, but the experience I’ve had here when we’ve had 30,000 or 35,000 crowds, they’re as noisy as 50,000. You get a hardcore, and they’re brilliant.”

“We’re trying to help our fans.” “It’s difficult.” “We know life is difficult for everybody outside of our trade.” “We’re very fortunate to have the funds that we get.”

And the powers that be at Newcastle want the biggest crowds they can get in all the remaining games this season – and the prices tonight are £15 for adults and £5 for youngsters – a real bargain.

I’ve got to admit I hadn’t realized the game was on Valentine’s Day until earlier this week – and I had reservations made for dinner with my wife Madeline at a posh restaurant.

As it turns out I would have been able to watch the first half – but then it would be off to dinner, but Madeleine graciously agreed to have the dinner tomorrow night.

And it’s now 5:30 am local time over here in the US (east coast time) – and I’ve already got the Valentine Day card waiting for Madeline when she gets up – I’m not daft. 😀

Howay The Lads!!

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