Former Newcastle Star Arrested At Airport

Former Newcastle player Nobby Solano seems to have fallen foul of the law, and he was arrested at Manchester Airport last week.


Nobby Solano – when at Newcastle

It seems that his arrest was over some debts he still has outstanding, as well as unpaid UK taxes,  and the 95 times capped Peruvian international had failed to answer police requests about his financial problems.

Solano turned 38 in December,  and he was stopped at passport control last Wednesday in Manchester, as details of his debts and taxes owed were brought up.

Solano used to have a large home near Newcastle,  but that has already been repossessed,  and an arrest warrant was issued after an application was made by the accountant firm KPMG.

Nobby appeared at Leeds County Court on Thursday morning, and the news is that his case has been adjourned while his financial problems are looked into further.

Nobby watched the Newcastle vs  Southampton game on the previous Sunday,  and he was said to be looking forward to taking a trip to Greece to visit his children.

That news was sent out on his Twitter account, but since then he has not issued any more tweets.

Nobby Solano was at Newcastle for two spells from 1998 through 2004, and from 2005 through 2007, in which he made a total of 314 appearances for the Magpies with 48 goals,  and in his career he made a total of 569 appearances with 108 goals since starting with Sporting Cristal in the Peruvian Primera Division in 1992.

Nobby is a legend in his home country of Peru, and one of the best footballers the country has ever produced,  and Kenny Dalglish first brought Solano to Newcastle in the summer of 1998, just a couple of months before Kenny was fired.

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