Shearer – Premier League One Of The Worst I Can Remember

Alan Shearer has talked to the local papers today and he has expressed opinions on the Premier League, which he thinks has gone back this season, and he has also talked about Massadio Haidara and that tackle – and he mentions one of the FA’s new rules which allows them to skirt their responsibilities.

alan shearer scores

Alan Shearer in his playing days – he scored again!

The Newcastle legend has talked about the standards of the Premier League this season:

“It all depends, bearing in mind you probably have to spend £15M-£20M to stand still.” “I think standard-wise this has been one of the worst I can remember.” “Man City have got worse, Spurs have stayed where they are, Liverpool and Arsenal have got worse.”

Alan’s always talking about Newcastle having to spend (big) money in the transfer market, but with our current set-up we may not have to spend too much to get the two or three top players we need this summer, to make our squad very strong for next season.

And no English club reached the quarter finals of the Champions League this season for the first time since 1996, so that backs up Alan’s claim that the standards in the Premier League are lower  than they have been for a long time.

Alan has also talked about that tackle on Haidara:

“It was a bad tackle – you get bad tackles, but it was mis-timed and it was dangerous and deserved a red card.” “Newcastle will be angry that no action has been taken.”

“Unfortunately football is a physical game and you get bad tackles and bad injuries.” “We all hope and pray that he’s all right. Judging by the sound of it he might be.”

“They look at things when it suits.” “I wasn’t aware of this new rule that if the linesman or one person seen it then they can’t do anything about.”

Not many people were aware of the rule which the FA made up some time ago – but it does them no favors to take no action against McManaman for that tackle.

We are hoping we can change the way the FA operates, since the Massadio affair has left the English FA looking more than incompetent this week.

The good news in all of this is it seems Haidara is not badly injured, and the lad is said to be upbeat at the Newcastle training camp this week – and that’s good news.

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