Time To Give James Perch A New Contract At Newcastle

James Perch has already played 33 times for Newcastle this season,  and has also scored his first goal for the club, and after a very tough first year at Newcastle, James has seemed to blossom under manager Alan Pardew.

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James Perch – Perchinho – has come good at Newcastle

Last season he made 28 appearances for the side, and a large portion of those appearances were in the second half of the season, when he really started to come through with some solid performances  for the Magpies.

And this season he has continued to be a key player for the side,  and because of his versatility he has been used a lot by the manager and he’s played at full back, center-back and in defensive midfield – and he can do a solid job in all of those positions.

James reminds us a bit of Nobby Stiles in the England World Cup winning side – he’s not as good as other players technically, but his temperament, solidity and consistency adds a lot to the team.

This is what James Perch said today in an exclusive interview he gave to the Newcastle Journal:

“Things have changed a great deal for me since I’ve been here,” “I can’t really complain.” “I feel it has changed a bit for me. When I go out there now people aren’t groaning.” “I think before, if a supporter saw my name on the team-sheet they’d think ‘Oh no’.”

“They were doing that. I hope now it’s not the same reaction, or not as much anyway! I think that’s a fair reaction.” “I have to be honest with myself and say that people probably were saying that when I first came but now I hope they don’t.”

“It was what I always intended to do a year ago when I got my opportunity. There’s no better feeling than turning people’s opinions round. When I first came it was tough and the fans didn’t take to me, but that was because of  my own performances, not through any fault of theirs.”

“It’s good to go out there and enjoy it now. When you enjoy it, it’s better and you do get a sense of achievement.” “I love the city, my family is settled up here now and I’ve been here two and a half and I’ve loved it.”

“Even when things weren’t going my way and I got some stick. I absolutely loved it from the start – Newcastle is such a nice place.” “It is the friendliness of everyone that gets me. I lived in Nottingham where it is a bit rougher.”

“There’s gangs and everyone has to be a bit careful,  but there is a freedom about this place that I love. You can go anywhere and in some places it’s not like that as a footballer. “People make you feel welcome and whatever happens you’re part of it.”

Those are great words from the unassuming Perchinho – who has become something of a cult hero on Tyneside.

James signed on in the summer of 2010 on a four year contract, and that will run out in fifteen months time – and we think the 27 year-old former Nottingham Forest player has earned an extension to that contract.

We would expect James to get a new deal soon, before he starts his final year of his current contract – we think he deserves it.

And he’s not been a bad buy for around £1M either.

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