Alan Pardew Talks About Depression

It can be a deadly problem and depression was brought up at Alan Pardew’s press conference yesterday, and Alan reminded everybody that it taken Gary Speed from us less than two years ago.

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Yohan Cabaye – it was not a deep depression

Yohan Cabaye had courageously told everybody earlier in the week that he had suffered from depression last summer, as his body was tired, and he found it hard to get going for Newcastle in pre-season and at the start of the season.

Yohan’s depression was brough up in the press conference and this is what Pardew said:

We – and particularly myself – had to help him through that stage. It was difficult for him.” “I think physically and mentally he hadn’t coped with anything as strenuous as last year; to fight for the Champions League and become a regular in the French side.”

‘Then the European Championships took its toll on him.“But he’s certainly come out the other side a stronger person.” “He’s a fantastic character and he’s one of our best players – if not our best player – and he’s back to his very, very best.”

“We’re very lucky to have him.”“In terms of players, you’re an emotional person, it’s an emotional game and of course you have emotions off the pitch that will affect you.” “As an adult you have to learn to deal with those.”

“Cabaye will be a much stronger person for having come through that little period.” “It wasn’t a deep depression, it was just a real fatigue in his system and therefore he had the rest and I think he’s at this time as good a midfield player as there is in the Premiership.” “We’re lucky yo have him”

It seems that Alan himself got involved with Yohan more than anybody else, to see him through his difficulties, but as you can see from what Alan says – he’s a big admirer of Yohan, both as a player and a person.

We agree with what Alan says – we are lucky to have him at Newcastle.

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