Benfica Are So Good They Could Be 10th In Premier League

For the first time in a long time, the Premier League is ranked second to Spain in European football leagues, and it’s all based on a European Coefficient – and as of early April, Spain’s coefficient is 87.311 compared to the Premier League’s 81.106 with Germany 3rd on 77.328

alan pardew man city

Alan Pardew – political gaffe?

The coefficients are based on how well the country’s clubs perform in European competition, and England has taken a big drop this season because not one of our four Premier League sides made it through to the quarter finals of the Champions League competition.

Portugal are in 6th place in the European leagues, behind Italy and France, so they are one of the top leagues in Europe and Benfica is their most famous club.

So bearing in mind the positions of England and Portugal in the recent European rankings, here’s what Alan Pardew said at his news conference yesterday:

“Looking at the quality of the Benfica players and the fact that they are a Champions League team this year, plus they are already confirmed for Champions League next year. You have to say they would certainly be a top eight or ten team in the Premier League.”

It ls hardly surprising that the Benfica press and fans are miffed at that statement, and they think they are a lot better than that – and they are probably right.

When Newcastle travel into Europe and on our summer tours, the manager is always the front man, and he has to have certain political skills.

While Alan meant it when he said those words , it has been taken as an insult by the Portuguese press especially when Benfica have done so well this season in Europe. Egos have been bruised.

Of course Alan’s players could back that statement up tonight if we do well, since we are currently 15th in the Premier League and Benfica are top of the Portuguese League.

And a good performance from Newcastle United tonight will make Alan’s statement look just a little more credible, if we do really well.

Here’s hoping. 😀

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