Perch – Ryan Taylor Has Never Moaned Once

James Perch is close friends with Ryan Taylor,  who has been out injured since last August with an ACL knee injury, and we heard earlier in the week that Ryan has suffered another ACL injury, even before he returned from the first one.

james perch ryan taylor

James Perch and Ryan Taylor shown in training recently

So it’s simply tragic for Ryan, and he has received a lot of messages of support on his Twitter account here.

James Perch has talked to the Newcastle web-site,  and said the players are right behind Ryan, who has never moaned once:

“I was with him when he got the bad news – I was having dinner with him and there when the doctor called,”

“It’s terrible news and everyone feels so bad for him. You don’t wish an injury like that on anyone, let alone two in the space of a year.”

“He did everything he could to get back and worked the hardest I’ve ever seen any injured player work to get back. Ryan was always in the gym and you never heard him moan once.”

“I know how hard it can be to be injured for a long time, having been out for six months myself once. You can lose your head if you’re not careful but Tayls has stuck at it and done more than required to get back.”

“We’re all here for him. We will support him and check he is okay. It’s going to be a long road for him now and we will be there every step of the way.”

“It will be fantastic to see Ryan pull on the black and white stripes again, whenever that is,” “It would be great if that happens next season but, if not, then the season after.”

“There’s no rush and he has to make sure he is ready and that the knee is strong.”

And some five hours ago, Ryan once again thanked players and fans for their support via twitter:

“Really nice to have so much support from a lot of fans from different clubs. Thanks to all of you.”

You may want to send a support message to Ryan to help him through what must be a very difficult time for him.

His Twitter account is here.

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