Suarez Could Still Face Newcastle On Saturday

How’s this for an ugly thought – Liverpool appeal the 10 match ban handed down to Luis Suarez by tomorrow’s deadline of noon – and  Suarez gets to play against Newcastle on Saturday, because the ban will be delayed from going into effect, until the appeal is heard.

luis suarez

Luis Suarez diving – it’s a penalty ref!!

That could happen, especially since  Liverpool have stated they were shocked the ban was so harsh – but it seems very appropriate to us, given this man’s history.

And if Liverpool do appeal the ban they could be hit with a bigger ban than has already been handed down, which is the FA’s way of dealing with frivolous appeals.

These are two of the reasons why an appeal would be turned down:

  • Suarez was banned for seven matches in 2010 by the Dutch FA, for biting PSV Eindhoven player Otman Bakkal while playing for Ajax in the Dutch league. At that time he was also given a warning as to his future conduct – and therefore you would expect the ban to be at least eight games or more – and it’s ten games.
  • Suarez was banned for eight games by the FA, after racially abusing Patrice Evra in October of 2011 – and the FA warned him as to his future conduct – so you would expect the ban to be more than eight games.

We wouldn’t put it past Liverpool to appeal the ban, but if they do the FA should seriously consider increasing the length of the ban.

But unfortunately if the appeal happens, that will allow the Uruguayan to be eligible to play against Newcastle on Saturday – and it could well turn out to be a media circus.

It would be bad news if Luis Suarez plays against us,  because he’s a world-class footballer – if not a world-class person.

Comments welcome.

A while after I wrote this my son Neil called me – there is no disagreement on the three game ban – and Suarez did not appeal that – but he didn’t agree with more than three games. Suarez will serve at least that three game ban – and will therefore not play on Saturday – the appeal is against the eight game ban – I was wrong on this (sorry) and even if he appeals tomorrow he will not play on Saturday – that’s good for us.

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