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Newcastle Captain Could Be Our Savior – If He Plays

10:07 am, Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 by Dr. Ed Harrison · 59 Comments

Fabricio Coloccini has been out since February 24th, when he injured his back in the 4-2 win over Southampton at St. James’ Park, and he has missed the last 12 games.

fab coloccini and alan pardew

Colo with Pardew – can he save us

And after that game – who would have thought we would be in a relegation dog-fight with just three games to go?

But there’s some good news from manager Alan Pardew today, that Colo should be ready to lead the lads in the last three games of the season, starting at Upton Park on Saturday.

This is what Alan had to say in the local press today:

“I think Colo’s important this week, no disrespect to the two center-backs who played against Liverpool but I think his leadership is important.” “Hopefully he comes through this week and we can get him out on the pitch, with the armband on.”

It seems that Yohan Cabaye has come under some criticism for his lack of leadership in the last two home game at St. Jame’s Park – and his future could even  be up in the air in the summer.

It will not be up in the air if Newcastle are relegated, that’s for sure, because he will be sold to the highest bidder.

Captain Colo is a folk hero on Tyneside, and these last three games – if he is fit to play – could be the most important games he has ever played for Newcastle.

And they could also be his last,  if he gets his wish to leave Newcastle in the summer, and return to Argentina to be with his family.

What do you think?

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59 responses so far ↓

  • 1 Indian Magpie (HD_07 on Twitter) // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:10 AM

    Well done Ed!

    Two winners in 1 photo

  • 2 Transfer Sage // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:11 AM

    Colo has been a much bigger miss than i thought he would have been if i’m honest.

    He is key to us, when he plays and is in form the whole side do well, hopefully he can play the last 3 games and want to stay next year (very unlikely i know).

    If he goes we need to sign a good CB, somebody with a lot of experience (can still be young at 23-5) but needs experience and leadership.

  • 3 Hatem's better than Messi // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:13 AM

    How long’s Colo been out .. and he’ll just pull on his shirt and be up to Prem pace … get real.

  • 4 Oldgit1 // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:13 AM

    I would say that willo is better in the air than saylor, fed up of staylors gungho tactics, is it a coincedence that we have been flooding in goals since willo was dropped.

  • 5 Ibizatoon - Back By Popular Demand // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:13 AM

    Do you know what guys, I’ve been optimistic throughout the past 2 years, not going to change now with 3 games to go. It’s been fairly cr*p all year, even more cr*p the past few weeks, but this is football and one game can change everything.

    3 points this weekend of West Ham and we can push on.

    What’s the worst that can happen, spirits get even more trampled on? Only thing that can be worse than we feel right now is being relegated so might as well go down with a bang.

    It’s strained optimism, but optimism all the same. HWTL!

  • 6 Jail for Ashley // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:14 AM

    I’ve been trying not to complain about it as you have a Phd in computer science,the site has clearly been hacked with all these pop ups I can’t even use my tablet anymore on here,could you at least post a link telling us ur doing something about it.
    JfA .

  • 7 Lilongwe Geordie // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:16 AM

    Will be good to have Colo back, need him to sort out this backline. Would also play Harper this weekend, he is still good enough and Elliot has conceded a lot of goals in his few premier league games…. Don’t want to knock the lad, but his confidence will be shaken, and it may be better to bring in Harpers experience for the last few games and let Elliot regroup for next season.

  • 8 Ibizatoon - Back By Popular Demand // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:19 AM

    Lilongwe…Tough one with regards to Elliot or Harper. Not really a whole lot to chose between the two, so confidence has to be the main factor in who to play.

  • 9 Rainrix // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:19 AM

    Ibiza…. Ah but if pardew does keep us up then sods law dictates that he wont be sacked and we’ll be lumbered with the toad for another season and likely lose all our players and money. Relegation will rid us of pardew but then we’re in the championship. Damn one way and damn the other. Boom.

    Pessimism triumphs again 🙂

  • 10 Ibizatoon - Back By Popular Demand // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:20 AM

    Jail…Does your tablet use the android platform?

    Others with phones that use android, there appears to be an adblock available, not tested it as I only use a laptop for the site, but may be worth checking out.

  • 11 Charlie in the Gallowgate // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:20 AM

    Give me a pint of your optimism – cos I aint got any after Saturday’s shambles.

  • 12 JAMSHA // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:21 AM






  • 13 corkypants85 // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:21 AM

    hopefully he will be fully comited to the cause for what could be the last three games of his toon career i loved him thought he was a top class defender i will be sad to see him and his haircut leave #iwantcurleyhairtoo

  • 14 Ibizatoon - Back By Popular Demand // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:22 AM

    Rainrix…Sorry mate, the only “triumph” to be had this season is to stay up.

    Would anyone really take being in the championship without Pardew over being in the PL with him?

    Especially considering he will likely be watched extremely closely if he is given another shot at it?

  • 15 Indian Magpie (HD_07 on Twitter) // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:23 AM

    Damn No Jonas please

    Any news on marveaux?

  • 16 Ibizatoon - Back By Popular Demand // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:24 AM

    Charlie…Not going to lie, it’s taken a few days to be able to muster that up and it is forced optimism.

    I have just got to the point where I don’t see how being depressed about it is going to help at all. The manager, players and fans (like it or not) have to fight now. Pardew is clearly not going now, so we might as well give it a bloody good go.

  • 17 Jail for Ashley // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:24 AM

    Ashley has dreamed up this stability philosophy probably looking at Ferguson at Man U,but please remember this immense football knowledge decided to downsize the squad before a EL campaign,so do not be surprised to see Pards at SJP no matter what division were in.

  • 18 Rainrix // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:25 AM

    Ibiza…. I don’t think anyone would take relegation again. Far too painful. I think most would swallow their hate for pardew if given the choice.

    Triumph? Doesn’t quarters of the europa league count? No? Ok fine no triumphs then 🙂

  • 19 JAMSHA // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:25 AM


    those android addblockres are fake i guess n wont work.. an guess even if it workd i would need a rooted fone

  • 20 jeff // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:26 AM

    i heard marveaux got into a fight with abeid.

    just a rumour and so they were both removed from the squad. abeid had impressed and was going to be on the bench for the liverpool game

  • 21 JAMSHA // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:26 AM


  • 22 Dude // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:26 AM

    Don’t buy the argument that sacking Pardew is too much of a gamble. The real gamble is leaving him there because I can’t see a single shaft of light. I imagine we will lose at WH and probably against Arsenal. Makes the QPR match a must-win and against a relegated side that is such a random affair. If Wigan win this weekend I firmly believe we are down.

  • 23 Ibizatoon - Back By Popular Demand // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:27 AM

    Jamsha…Really? Seems to be off the same site I got my adblocker from.

    Isn’t android for mobile devices, not fixed lines?

    Bit above me tbh, just saw it and thought I’d share 🙂

    Rainrix..That’s so yesterdays news 🙂

  • 24 Rainrix // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:27 AM

    Jail… Silly me i forgot the elephant in the room that was ashley. 7 more years! Brendan rodgers would get less of a sentence for “masterminding” the massacre that happen on saturday.

  • 25 Ibizatoon - Back By Popular Demand // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:29 AM

    Jamsha…Reading online, I think I have misunderstood the meaning of a rooted phone 🙂

  • 26 vanderlee // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:29 AM

    Everyone is getting very worried by the threat of relegation, and rightly so.
    But, the way I see it is that we are now in a mini league with Sunderland, Aston Villa and Wigan and Norwich have a point head start.
    We have 3 games that are no harder than the others.
    We have a minimum of 2 points head start over Wigan.
    If we can’t amass more points than at least one of those other teams during the last 3 games then we deserve to go down.
    I am confident that we will get 4 points from the 3 games. We just need to dust ourselves down and get positive again and worry about where our club is going and who is guiding it there in the summer.
    Remember, Moyes finished 5th in his first season at Everton and then scraped to safety in 17th the following season.

  • 27 Rainrix // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:30 AM

    jeff… Abeids at st Johnstone >_> ITK fail.

  • 28 dcdick // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:31 AM

    Not even going to bother commenting upon the lack of effort/spirit/ambition/guts/coaching tactics

    Noticed a lot of people being bugged with “pop ups”

    I am using ADBLOCK search for it in any search engine…… it’s a good programme & works well for me on my browser Google Chrome

  • 29 Foxworth // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:32 AM

    My revised team: 4-4-2

    Elliott (He is a good GK -. Better than Harps. Can do us proud.)

    Simpson – Willo (to match Carroll) – Colo – Gutierrez

    This is a back 4 that’s played together, has the knowing of each other & has PL experience.Two UK on right side – 2 Argies on left.

    Obertan – Tiote – Cabaye – Ben Arfa

    Gabby & HBA can terrify the opposition & attack is the best form of defence. Tiote & Cabaye know each other’s games & Cabs will actually have someone to pass too (RM, LM & 2 St’s) while Tiote will cover (hopefully) the back 4.

    Shola & Papiss up front.

    Willo can always punt hoofballs to shola who can knock em down for Cisse. Need 2 up front to make their defenders work – was none of that vs Liverpool.

    Hoping for something out of the game but not holding my breath!

  • 30 corkypants85 // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:32 AM

    newcastle 1-0 westham
    big andy og from a corner

  • 31 Munster Mag // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:33 AM

    Ibiza, will u believe me now about Pardew !

  • 32 Spellcheck // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:33 AM

    Indian,why always with the negativity,is their no teams in ur homeland too disrespect. Never liked ur comments,pointless!!!!!!!!!!

  • 33 jordijohnty // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:35 AM

    surprise, surprise its having all those froggies in the team as to why we are so abject. well, according to some knob on talksport. Pardew is as popular with the media as ‘arry. If the lazy journos took the time to see our starting line on sat, then they would see who is at fault. I suppose to them tw@tts in london, its us as toon fans who are knee jerk reacting to getting rid of this loser. Still angry

  • 34 JAMSHA // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:35 AM


    lol most android apps are bloody fake…some time u end up payn for shit apps wich aint worth…. but since yestrday i havn seen many adds usen opera… jst had 1 add from yestrday 😀

  • 35 Ibizatoon - Back By Popular Demand // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:36 AM

    Munster…That he is not the best thing since sliced bread? Never doubted that.

    Honestly, even after this season, I will still hold reservations about him being as bad as many make out. I do accept he is far from perfect though and that a better manager would have likely coped much better. I still don’t hold him solely responsible for this season, there are loads of factors and Pardew isn’t big enough to have dealt with them all.

  • 36 Indian Magpie (HD_07 on Twitter) // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:37 AM

    Spell check

    Plenty here to dislike, can’t be bothered to please everyone

  • 37 JAMSHA // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:37 AM


  • 38 Ibizatoon - Back By Popular Demand // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:38 AM

    Jamsha…One add? Impressive stuff 🙂

    Sounds like people have been really struggling with the adds lately. Ed has said he’s dealing with it, wonder what the hell has happened?!? Pardew trying to take the blog down? 😉

  • 39 Ibizatoon - Back By Popular Demand // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:40 AM

    Off to meetings, have a good one.

  • 40 Rainrix // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:41 AM

    Ibiza…. Where is this mention from ed saying he’s dealing with it? Are you ed’s PR man now as well as pardews? Did sunderland lose last night on purpose? Am i making up crazy conspiracy theories? Answers Please! 🙂

  • 41 eaststandgeordie1982 // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:42 AM


    Just had to get that out my system can we get something at west aam??? Can we get something at qpr??? Our away form has been shocking but the last few away games we have played good stuff in spells and created chances, apart from citeh. Can we do it against arsenal??? Could we have a harder home game than this at the end to survive i dont think we could.

  • 42 JAMSHA // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:44 AM


    Frankly, Just seen one adds from yestrday, n m feeln much beta after nw after havn found out i hav tb… i feel fresh…. n i smell a win on sat now… looks likes everytng is getn better… n so does the blog looks calm nw 😀

  • 43 JAMSHA // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:45 AM

    indian is our match live on sat?

  • 44 boater // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:46 AM

    Short memories on here. Remember when everyone was utterly convinced that Williamson was the reason we were in a mess? I suggested he wasn’t the best defender in the world, but by no means the main problem with the club. We are defensively worse since he’s been dropped braniacs.

    I’d like to think you would feel suitably stupid and learn a lesson. No chance, you can’t wait to get your placards out for the next red herring.

  • 45 catchy in norway // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:47 AM

    if we want to talk about leadership

    MA, sets out his wants list, as cheap a team as possible, but players must fit his little list first, young, internationals, cheap, pref going out of contract,

    this i dont mind
    but its implemented by


    DL,, inspired choice ,

    he says, MA, i have this friend, come into your casino and has lost a fortune ( some say) can i unsettle our team that is moving forward and give him a job, that way we can ensure to get our money back,

    1 lucky season later, wooosh, a 8 year contract, un heard of,

    now DL faces loosing face if he sacks him, this does not reflect good on him at all,

    AP, has turned a happy mid table team into fantastic bottom 4 team, this has to be the best team ever down at the bottom with 3 games togo,

    i hear that cabaye is depressed? well if he is, pardew should take out of the team, tell him to relax, instead , there you go son,, your captain, get me out of this mess,, but i want you to play as deep as humanly possible, to make it better, my wingers are sissoko bigi jonas,, oh wait for it cabs,, this is the best part, im bringing shola on at half time, to stand still and foul everyone,
    how about that son,

    great leadership skills all the way down

  • 46 wolfshead@toon // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:48 AM

    harps is a no brainer has experience and more importantly authority he can organize defenders

  • 47 Hatem's better than Messi // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:50 AM

    C’mon 3 wins and we could still finish 8th … wow this is good weed …

  • 48 Munster Mag // Apr 30, 2013 at 10:52 AM

    Ibiza – spade a spade man. He’s a shocker, and too many people defended him for far too long on this site. So one questions their judgement! I lost it with him after Brighton, but still held out hope. Guys like Toonbanno were shouted off this site but they were 100% correct.

  • 49 stuart no9 // Apr 30, 2013 at 11:38 AM

    today is a very sad day for NUFC.
    To hear that AP is staying on to try and save us, is the worst possible news i could have wished for- that news IMO confirms to me – we are down.
    We needed a new man in the dressing room against WHU to talk to the players before the game.
    Tactics is not AP best qualities, so that isnt going to save us, he cant use the good players we haveso what does he do? we need someone who can make them feel 10 ft tallwhen they walk out the dressing room,-not already beaten like pardew will surely make them feel, so for that reason – WE ARE DOWN !

  • 50 vanderlee // Apr 30, 2013 at 12:01 PM

    Crude analysis but we accumulate more points when Colo plays.

    With Coloccini – 22 points from 19 games.
    Without – 15 points from 16.

    Noticeably, we tend to beat the teams that we would expect to beat when he plays.

    So, bodes well that he comes back in now. I feel he will be committed despite his own future circumstances. It seems to be in his nature.

  • 51 ArtyH // Apr 30, 2013 at 12:05 PM

    @49, I’ve already said as much on a similar thread. Just WHAT is A.P going to say to the team that he has not said already or he should have said already. There is nothing left in the barrel NOTHING. I firmly believe it will be down to other results that will save us if it is indeed possible. Ive supported the toon for over 50 years and I feel devastated now and can only see history repeat its self. A.P is bound to say he is the right man for the job, but I think fate is against him. I just hope I am wrong and we stay up. The only way we can do this is with a new manager NOW!!! We only need a couple of draws or a win to make us safe, and A.P cannot do it! If anyone thinks he can, I would ask, how and why has he not used this ” tactic ( LOL’s does he know what that word means ) before “.

  • 52 ArtyH // Apr 30, 2013 at 12:11 PM

    Problem at WHU is Collo will come back but is going to be a bit ” ring rusty ” HBA is still not fit ( he is over weight ), and Harps has not been offered an new contract so his confidence or mind set will be low. Finally Danny will be in some what the same mind set as Harps when he returns to F.B so will he give a ****?
    All I want is a win from somewhere in our last 3 games but cannot see where it is coming from, I really hate to be so negative but have seen the writing on the wall like this before.

  • 53 n3w // Apr 30, 2013 at 12:12 PM

    With no natural wingers, why don’t we play a 5-3-2

    Mbiwa____Taylor____ Colo _____Willo____Haidara
    _____ Gouffran _____ Cabaye _____Sissoko_____
    _______________ Cisse _____ HBA_____________

    Although arguably Gouffran is not a natural midfielder, he has the pace and strength to run up and down the field to assist with attack and defence. Something that HBA lacks, plus having HBA higher up the field will give him the opportunity to make an impact in the final 3rd.

  • 54 vanderlee // Apr 30, 2013 at 12:17 PM

    Perch, Collo, Taylor, Hadaira
    Ben Arfa, Tiote, Cabaye, Anita, Jonas

    4-3-3 in attack and 4-5-1 in defence

    Similar to our best system last season and enough passers in the team to create…

    not entirely deliberate but also minimum number of January imports. Take them out of the firing line and rely on our core players to battle it out.

  • 55 toonluvva // Apr 30, 2013 at 12:54 PM

    To win at West Ham & QPR we must use our players in the best most natural positions.

    For Stroller that means back at home.

    I’d plump for :-

    STaylor Colo Willo Hadeira

    Cabs Perch Guti


    Gouffy Cisse
    Effectively we have a back 3 as Hadeira will have licence to attack on the left wing and when he does Jonas covers him.

    Perch to try and control midfield with Cabs with instructions for HBA / Gouffy to come short and offer themselves to recieve passes. The other one gets alongside or just behind Cisse.

    We need plenty of movement off the ball. We conceded the 3rd goal against Lpool because when STaylor ran the ball into their half we were all static. HBA took the ball with his back to goal and was quickly closed down and forced back. Lpool players swarmed to be ball whilst ours stood and watched until Benny, completely outnumbered, lost posession. No-one came short or offered an outlet pass.

    These are the sort of things that a decent coach notices and can change, either during the match or later. Sadly I fear that Pardew is simply sleepwalking to the end of the season hoping that Wigan fall apart (which they may well do) leaving us safe for this season.

    Can anyone enlighten us about how Marveux is getting on?

  • 56 perchy4england // Apr 30, 2013 at 1:32 PM

    How can anyone literally be suggesting Willo to play on saturday?! Everyone slagged him off and Simpson but now suddenly they’re good enough for the team? Really does prove how fickle some of you lot are on here.

  • 57 n3w // Apr 30, 2013 at 2:07 PM

    Formation and player selection should not just be based on individual player ability. They need to be selected so that the team is able to function as a unit with a purpose, as well as taking in to account several other factors such as:

    1. The opponents style of play
    2. The pitch
    3. Players physical preparation
    4. The strength and weakness of the opposition etc.

    The question why choose Willo?

    Standing at 6ft 4 inches tall he will probably the only one that will be able to match Carroll’s aerial threat. His sole role in the team would be nullify any aerial threat coming in to the box.

    Yes, Willo is not a first team regular, but as a squad player is useful when needed to combat aerial threats such as the one we will have against west ham – we don’t have the tallest CB’s

  • 58 toonbrother // Apr 30, 2013 at 6:00 PM

    Reintroducing Colocinni at this stage would be a disaster!

    Last thing our back 4 needs right now is instability. Our back 4 was perfectly fine versus Westbrom Its pardews tinkering with the defensive midfielder and wingers that caused the collapse v liverpool

  • 59 scout // Apr 30, 2013 at 7:04 PM

    Pardew should come out and say “right, the players are in the picture everyone has been briefed up, if it goes bang, blame them not me” that’ll get the players thinking

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