Former Magpie Manager Reassures Fans – 40 Points Enough

Newcastle have three games left at West Ham, QPR and at home to Arsenal on the final day of the season, and if can get 4 points out of those games we should be safe.


Glenn Roeder – while at Newcastle

But our expectations are hardly very high right now, after the pathetic performances of Newcastle recently, and we don’t expect to win on Saturday at Upton Park, and we’d get even more nervous if Wigan beat West Brom at the Hawthorns on Saturday.

That’s unlikely, but Wigan seem to always do the unlikely things at this time of year, in their battle against relegation every season.

Glenn Roeder, the former Newcastle captain and manager has something in common with Alan Pardew, since they have both managed both the Magpies and the Hammers.

Glenn thinks 40 points will be safe this season, and he had this to say in the Evening Chronicle today::

“For me 40 points is safe. I’ve sat there and looked at all of the fixtures and tried to work out what is what, if you do it for too long you’ll go nuts.”

“It gives you a headache.” “There are some incredible fixtures in there.” “Not least the end of the season when the two North East teams play the two North London teams and it could be about qualifying for the Champions League for one and avoiding relegation for the others.”

“Hopefully it does not come down to that for Newcastle.” “You ask Roberto Martinez if he’d swap his fixtures for Newcastle, Sunderland or Villa.”

“He’ll answer that you are stupid for even asking him the question.” “The biggest pressure is on Wigan.” “If Newcastle finished 17th it’s enough, they can lick their wounds and look to next season.”

“The owner might look at the half a million you get for each place.” “But on the scale of the big picture, it’s about survival.”

It seems to us that the comments being made by people like Glenn are eerily familiar, because the same kinds of comments were made in 2009 by former managers and players, and it was basically to  reassure anxious fans we’d be OK, and we wereb too good to go soen.

After all we had Michael Owen,  who surely would save us with his goals..

But we weren’t OK, and until Newcastle get the points on the board – and remember results are now of paramount importance  rather than the performance  – we’ll still be concerned we can take the drop.

It’s happened before.

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