Ashley Not Talking To Pardew After Liverpool Humiliation

Some very surprising news in the Indedependent today, that Alan Pardew and Mike Ashley have not talked since Newcastle’s worst home defeat in 88 years, when we were thrashed 6-0 by Liverpool last Saturday.

alan pardew after the game today

Alan Pardew = hasn’t talked with Mike Ashley

That’s a bit of a shock and maybe there’s not enough communication between manager and owner, as there also seems to be poor communication between the players because of the language problem, where a number of our new French players do not speak English.

Of course Mike Ashley usually communicates directly with Derek LLambias, and he’s hardly been a good communicator since he bought Newcastle six years ago – he certainly never says anything to the fans.

We have to assume that Derek LLambias has told the Newcastle manager his job is safe, at least through the end of the season.

And we reported this morning the Daily Telegraph reporter Luke Edwards has been banned by Derek LLambias from the club, because of his story last Tuesday that there was disharmony in Newcastle’s dressing room, which Newcastle’s Managing Director has vehemently denied.

Pardew also addressed Gary Neville’s comments that there is a language barrier and that the club has lost it’s identity with so many foreign players.

Pardew had this to say about the above two points:

“I have not been part of anyone or any media source being banned or anything like that. For me, you’ve got to get on with it. We’ve had a lot of criticism this week and I’ve had a lot of criticism this week personally.”

“Has Gary Neville been a manager? “I do think he has a point. I have said many times that we would like to produce our own players but he also made a very valid point about the inflationary prices you get for English-based players here. Maybe some realism needs to come into that market.”

“I have to be honest, I would like to have levels of communication greater than they are in terms of ‘is our message and the message of my staff getting through 100 per cent’? We hope it is and hopefully at West Ham it will. We’ve used different forms and will change it if we feel it’s necessary.”

“Cabaye made a point to me this week. He said that when he arrived he didn’t have an interpreter and therefore learned English that bit quicker. We’ve used an interpreter because we’ve got so many new guys who don’t understand the language.”

“It’s like trying to get that balance right of actually forcing them to learn the language – but we do need to understand what their problem is. So there’s a balance to get right.”

Saturday is a massive day for Newcastle United, and we need to get something out of the game at West Ham, although that will be very difficult.

And it will be another very bad day on Tyneside if Wigan manage to get a win at West Brom and we get nothing in London.

That will bring relegation that little bit closer and we hope it doesn’t happen.

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