The Strange Case Of Newcastle And The Daily Telegraph

Newcastle United and the Daily Telegraph are at loggerheads today, after Newcastle Managing Director Derek LLambias banned Telegraph correspondent Luke Edwards, from attending all interviews and games at St. James’ Park.

derek llambias

Derek LLambias – reacted strongly to Luke Edwards’ article

Luke is the former Newcastle Journal sports reporter who is now at the Telegraph, and it’s a retaliation by the Tyneside club to Luke’s piece earlier this week on Tuesday, when he reported the team spirit at the club was falling apart – and Newcastle are saying that’s simply not true and the story was made up.

Let’s see again at what Derek has said:

“The club is determined to turn things around, and everyone is working together to secure that goal.” “It is not helpful when people try and distract the team and the manager with false rumors.”

The Telegraph has a piece on the rift this morning and here it is:

Telegraph Sport’s north-east football reporter Luke Edwards disclosed on Tuesday that the club’s struggle for Premier League survival has been undermined by acrimony between different sets of players at the club.”

One group believes that another, mainly French, group of players have not been committed enough to Newcastle in recent weeks, spending too much time complaining about manager Alan Pardew and pursuing their own personal agendas.”

They also believe one player has allowed his fitness levels to decline dramatically and that several players did not understand the importance of keeping Newcastle in the Premier League.”

The story was written on the basis of verbal and written accounts of the split provided by several sources, including individuals employed by the club.”

But Newcastle have reacted by sending the Telegraph a solicitor’s letter demanding the story be withdrawn from our website and a public apology be issued.

That unfit player is probably French International Ben Arfa, although he looked fit enough on Saturday.

And in addition to the piece this morning, the Telegraph also issued the following statement on the matter:

“We regret the club’s decision to ban the Telegraph from attending matches and press conferences, but will not allow it to prevent us providing the most incisive, trustworthy Newcastle coverage, rather than pandering to what the club want you to read.”

We don’t know what the truth in the matter is, but we do know there are a lot of stories made up in the press about Newcastle, and the more sensational the better.

But again we don’t know if the Telegraph story is true or not – in other words we are playing it safe. :D.

But it’s not the first time Llambias has reacted negatively to reports he believes are completely false.

We’ll keep an eye on this, but it’s certainly a rather unusual case.

What do you think?

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