Ben Arfa Having Trouble With His Hamstring

It seems that Ben Arfa’s hamstring is still not right, even though a specialist had said recently it was 100% – but Ben Arfa can be a match winner,  and he looked good in that first half on Saturday at West Ham.

ben arfa at liverpool

Ben Arfa – still having trouble with his hamstring

It seems manager Alan Pardew is trying to get as much out of his French International winger as possible, without doing any more damage to his hamstring.

Alan said there was still a problem with the hamstring, and he said this today to the local press:

“Ben Arfa has been struggling. This hamstring has a slight weakness in there and it won’t even be strong I don’t think for six, seven weeks,”

“We got a great level of fitness out of him in terms of that particular problem. He was terrific at West Ham, and he’s a match winner.”

“We’ve been bringing him on in the second half but started him at the weekend, and we missed him when we took him off. We missed that little thrust.”

“I think for Hatem another week’s work will get him closer. Goal scoring is what wins games, we’ve got to improve that area for next week, including with Hatem.”

Let’s hope that Ben Arfa can put in two good performances in our last two games, but then in the summer, Ben Arfa must have his hamstring fixed – whatever it takes to have him be 100% at the start of July.

And remember whatever the Wigan result tonight – even if Newcastle are 3rd bottom, we are still only 3 points off Stoke in 11th place – although that’s probably 4 points because of our poor goal difference.

There’s still 6 points to play for, and seven sides are still battling it out to save themselves, separated by only 3 points – that could be eight if Wigan win tonight.

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