Is Joe Kinnear Healthy Enough For His New Job?

It could be that Mike Ashley has been waiting for Joe Kinnear to become fit enough to work again, before he offered Joe another job at Newcastle, after Joe had to leave the Newcastle manager’s job in February, 2009 after more heart problems.


Joe Kinnear – in September, 2008 at St, James’ Park
Doesn’t look like Newcastle were playing well

At the meeting that took place with Alan Pardew and Mike Ashley at the end of the season, it seems that Mike Ashley told Alan he was thinking about appointing a new Director of Football to help oversee the transfers, both into and out of the club, although Mike didn’t mention names of potential candidates.

This is what Joe Kinnear has said about being approached for the job a few weeks ago by the Newcastle owner:

“Mike Ashley, the owner, came round my house and we had a chat,” “He asked me about my medical condition and how I was feeling and one thing and another. I said I’ve been cleared, medically, for the last four or five months.

“I’m coming off my treatment. I’ve lost a stone-and-a-half of weight. I’m very fit, and I’ve been looking after myself. I have been going to the gym a lot and taking walks.”

We don’t know what coming off the treatment means, but if it means coming off the medication he’s been on for his heart condition that’s not good.

And with the pressures of the new job he will need that medication more than ever, although it’s good that Joe has lost weight, and extra weight is always a strain on the heart.

Joe Kinnear was the Wimbledon manager when he suffered a heart attack before a league game against Sheffield Wednesday in March 1999, and he had to stand down form the Wimbledon job a few months later.

Joe did come back to manage Luton Town and Nottingham Forest before coming in as interim manager at Newcastle in September of 2008.

And at Luton Town in 2001, he was hired as the Director of Football initially, but then Kinnear demoted manager Lil Fuccillo and appointed himself as manager of the club.

That’s interesting.

Luton were fighting relegation at the time.  but they were still relegated in May of 2001 from the second division, although  in the following season Kinnear had them promoted.

And it will be good to see what Joe looks like these days, since we’ve been using photos of him from 2008 and early 2009, when he was the manager at Newcastle.

It will not be good if Joe has more health problems in his new job – not at all good for Joe – so we hope he really is fit enough for his new job.

And as you grow older your health becomes more and more important to you.

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