Paul Gascoigne Arrested After Drunken Assault on Former Wife

There is news coming through in the Daily Mirror, that Paul Gascoigne has been arrested over an alleged drunken attack on a security guard and on his former wife Sheryl.

paul gascoigne

Paul Gascoigne – arrested after altercation

Paul is alleged to have carried out the alleged assault at a train station, but the news is a little sketchy at the moment.

The 46-year-old was held overnight by police for about 12 hours, and Paul is being accused of grabbing the security guard by the throat and then setting on his former wife Sheryl, as she came to intervene.

The alleged assault took place in Stevenage in Hertfordshire, and unfortunately this is a set-back for Paul, after he seemed to be doing quite well in his ongoing battle against the booze.

Paul went over to the US a few months ago to attend a clinic over here, and when he returned to England his daughter Bianca had said “He’s off the booze.”

This is both bad news and sad news about the Newcastle-born former football great.

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