Newcastle In Strong Position Financially – Will Keep Top Players

Alan Pardew has said again today that Newcastle are in a strong position financially, so the obvious question  that comes to mind is why are we continuing to be so frugal in the transfer market?

alan pardew training 7-8-13

Alan Pardew – in training this week

And the answer seems to be that’s the way owner Mike Ashley wants to operate, and the bottom line is Ashley wants good deals on players, and will not pay (too much) over the odds for any player.

However, it does look like we bid a decent fee for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and more than Borussia Dortmund bid – if news stories are to be believed.

This is what Alan Pardew said today to the local press:

“I feel we are in a strong position financially to hold on to our players,” “If one of our top players goes, it’ll be a bid that blows the doors off. That’s it.”

“In terms of the big players, again, we have not sold anybody,” “We have players under long-term contracts here. Hopefully, we can add to that.”

“We are strong in some areas and weak in others,” “I think it would be nice to strengthen in some areas.”

It seems like most Premier clubs are willing to spend big this summer, including smaller clubs like West Ham, Norwich and Swansea, and we have to believe that’s based on the big money the clubs will receive next May from the Premier League.

Last season it was anywhere from £40M to £60M, and this season it will be anywhere from £60M to £100M depending on which position a club finishes in the league, and other factors such as how many times the team is featured on TV.

The increase in money is because of the new three year TV deal, and the smaller clubs seems to be buying now, knowing they will have that money next May, and that’s the way Freddy Shepherd ran Newcastle for ten years.

Mike Ashley is different,  and the club pays in cool cash up front for any transfers in,  and tries to get money paid up front for players leaving, although that’s not always possible.

But Newcastle are in good financial shape, and maybe two good strikers is all we really need this summer plus a number of top youngsters?

What do you think?

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