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Pardew Defends Newcastle Record – Here It Is – But It’s Not Good

10:05 am, Thursday, July 11th, 2013 by Dr. Ed Harrison · 41 Comments

Alan Pardew has come out today and defended his record at Newcastle, which has lasted around two and a half seasons, and amazingly makes Alan the second longest serving Premier League manager to Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger.

alan pardew pointing 99

Alan Pardew – win and loss record of 36.67% at Newcastle

This is what Alan told the Newcastle Journal today:

“I have been in the game long enough to know there are different emotions in football. It can go from elation to disappointment very quickly.”

“I just try to keep a level head about it all, keep a bit of dignity about what I am doing and that’s what I am doing.” “I have worked very hard at this club and I am very proud of what I have achieved here.”

“We made the quarter-finals of the Europa League and you have to finish in fifth place in the Premier League just to be in the Europa League.”

“Last season in the end I felt we were a top-ten team for the last 15 games when those guys arrived. That kind of went over the radar. ” “One win would have had us jump four or five places. That would have looked more respectable.”

“Apart from all of that, the disappointing factor last season was the performances, the results we got which I didn’t think were to the level we could achieve. I am looking for a marked improvement in performance and if we do, then results will follow.”

Alan did great in his first full season on Tyneside, and he’s the only Newcastle manager ever to win the Premier League Manager of the Year Award and the LMA Manager of the year award, so whatever happens in the future he’s in the record books at Newcastle for that great achievement, to be fair to Alan.

And most pundits thought Alan deserved to win both awards – and it was positive news for Newcastle United.

But we half expect Joe Kinnear to claim he won those two awards when he managed Newcastle, but Joe hasn’t claimed that ……. yet. 😀

Joe claimed he won three Manager of the Year awards,  but in truth he won only one – in 1994.

Alan Pardew’s record at Newcastle is not good, and in 120 games in which he has managed the club, we have won 44 drawn 32 and lost 44, for a win percentage of 36.67 and a loss percentage of 36.67.

Alan’s overall record in management is better than that, with 649 games managed, of which he’s won 275, drawn 165 and lost 209, for a win percentage of 42.37 and a loss percentage of 32.3.

That compares with Bobby Robson’s Newcastle record of managed 255 games, won 119, drew 64 and lost 72 for a win percentage of 46.67 and a loss percentage of 28.24.

Kevin Keegan managed Newcastle in two spells and managed 272 games in total, of which he won 144, drew 57 and lost 71, for a win percentage of 52,94 and a loss percentage of 26.1, although some of those games were in the lower divisions.

So by the numbers, Alan Pardew hasn’t done too well at Newcastle, but of course there’s time and room for improvement, and a great season is what we all need – starting in August – and we already have quite a strong squad of players.

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41 responses so far ↓

  • 1 Rotonda heights // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:06 AM


    That’s the whole tragedy in a nutshell.

    We have a fantastic squad on paper, full of technically gifted players who play modern pass and move football
    which is totally at odds with Pardew’s long ball defensive philosophy.

    Pards would be far happier at a Stoke type set up with workaday journeymen, big lumps and no expectations.

    Pardew still blames injuries and the Europa and basically anyone and anything but himself, but as Torq alluded to I think the training methods must be pretty archaic to get these type of injuries with players fitness levels an absolute farce for a premiership team.

    All the months Blanc didn’t have a job was a no-brainer for us to get him in. As I say I don’t share quite the same contempt for Ashley as some people do but I just wish he’d throw a big contract at a proven and consistently successful and modern technical coach even more than buying players.

  • 2 jeff // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:07 AM

    lets try and emulate barcelona:

    krul (already an improvement on valdez)
    debuchy (dani alves) mbiwa (pique) colo (puyol) santon (alba)
    tiote (busquets)
    cabaye (xavi) marveaux (iniesta)
    sissoko (sanchez) ben arfa (messi) gouffran (pedro)

    front three are a bit of a stretch, especially sissoko, although he is powerful and direct (like sanchez…)

  • 3 John Tudor // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:12 AM

    jeff it more like lets emulate wimbledon………
    hoof that s o b

  • 4 Rotonda heights // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:12 AM

    Yo Yo

    as I say it ‘s from talk of the Tyne, not me, but nice to know I’m not alone

  • 5 John Tudor // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:14 AM

    and the difference being barca tactically sound nufc nuff said
    barca highly seasoned pros nufc a gaggle of talent led by luck

  • 6 Jail for Ashley // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:15 AM

    “Last season in the end I felt we were a top-ten team for the last 15 games when those guys arrived. That kind of went over the radar. ”
    Is that how we had exactly the same form and points as the first half of the season and ending up getting humped 0-3 and 0-6 respectively.

  • 7 JackButler // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:15 AM

    Most will accept that we have the makings of a very, very good squad and two or three good signings this summer will set us up perfectly for the coming season and as we proven time and time again they don’t need to be big money signings, but then most would agree that we need to add to the coaching set up and finally get to the bottom of why we pick up so many injuries

  • 8 croftus5678 // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:15 AM

    we need remy/sinclair and a main striker of some sorts to improve enough to be a top half team judging by other teams that are buying now.

  • 9 jeff // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:17 AM

    i would take something like cabaye out, belhanda, sinclair and as a successful window

  • 10 John Tudor // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:18 AM

    and a manager who can grow some cahoonas or jfk not

  • 11 jeff // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:19 AM

    and a promising striker like chris wood as a successful window

  • 12 sparky55 // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:20 AM

    FFS …“Last season in the end I felt we were a top-ten team for the last 15 games when those guys arrived. That kind of went over the radar. ”

    That is straight out of JFK’s “Complete idiots guide to non-sensical ramblings Vol 1”

    This is exactly why he should be removed with immediate effect…he really does believe his own sh!t and it’s it’s obvious no-one in the club tells him to shut to fcuk up and get back into the real world…and they say JFK should keep his mouth shut

    Jesus we’re surrounded by delusional morons

  • 13 toonarmydownsouth // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:20 AM

    I’d say remy as a CFZ and Sinclair to add some much needed width, if Sinclair is not viable apparantly Moses has been told he can leave
    Add to that a much needed creative spark on the shape of De Jong

    We also desperately need to add some talent and investment into the youth academy

  • 14 toonarmydownsouth // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:22 AM

    Belhanda has already moved

  • 15 John Tudor // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:23 AM

    high wage cast offs no-way he’ll pay

  • 16 Phatoon // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:23 AM

    If you apply that ratio of w/d/l over a premier league season, he would average 52 (51.93) pts per season.

  • 17 sparky55 // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:24 AM

    phatoon…just goes to show how bad last year actually was and those figures don’t highlight our poor defensive record either

  • 18 Patoon // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:25 AM

    Is this man having a laugh, thats like a lie JFK would tel, the last 15 games i hav never seen worse, apart from the chelsea game, players played way out of position, half fit players just back from injury in the starting 11 while fit players stayed sat on the bench, in sayin that i think he deserves another chance and i would give him 10 games 2 prove his worth, WE WIL DEF SIGN PLAYERS THIS WINDOW, i think some bloggers r jumping the gun a bit, the window is only over a week old, like KevyMartins said in a post yesterday, wer does this “we don’t sign players” come from, we’ve signed a fair few players since Pardew came

    Also c alot of teams being named from other bloggers, and stil playing a 433, IMO it hasn’t worked since ba was playing on the left, Cisse cant play as a lone striker, he needs sumbody alongside him, 433 might work if he has Remy on the wing, but if we sign bent it has 2 b either bent or cisse, they are 2 similar and can’t work 2gether, 2 poachers that wil score goals but neither is a target man that can hold up the ball

  • 19 wolfshead@toon // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:25 AM

    ashley giving pards an 8 yr contract was embarassing if it was pep definately you would tie him down! another eg of him knowing nothing about the game ashley is the football equivalent of david brent

  • 20 John Tudor // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:26 AM

    just seen 6 greys arrive at training ground

  • 21 terencelim // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:28 AM

    How can Cabaye compared to Iniesta and Xavi when he couldn’t even take corner properly… Poor goals and assist record. He’s not even close to Kevin Nolan.

  • 22 Slank // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:30 AM

    What’s a ‘greys’ John Tudor? Is it a spelling mistake?

  • 23 John Tudor // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:31 AM

    alien takeover

  • 24 Phatoon // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:31 AM

    @Slank, he may be referring to aliens.

  • 25 John Tudor // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:31 AM

    you got to laff everyone else is

  • 26 sparky55 // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:32 AM

    rotonda@1…couldn’t agree more but like I said above…we’re surrounded by morons and an owner who has flashes of brilliance quickly followed by flashes of utter incompetence which is harder to deal with than a quiet unassuming owner who just quietly gets on with stuff.

    It’s a tough job loving the toon! 🙂

  • 27 Slank // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:33 AM


    What from Sunderland !

  • 28 John Tudor // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:33 AM

    these purples peeps refer to are they like bruised, damaged players or what

  • 29 JackButler // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:35 AM

  • 30 Patoon // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:36 AM


    Would honestly hav 2 agree, not the player Nolan was, Nolan was also a real leader on the pitch and off it, i’d hav him back 2moro, that was the difference in our team back then, we had Nolan, great leader and great player, full of craft, and we had Joey Barton and Andy Carroll who played with their hearts on their slieves, and Colo at the back, a real leader in Def, Mid and Attack

  • 31 Moe // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:37 AM

    There is nothing here really to defend about. The results and performance were bad period.

    The disappointing thing about last season was not the bad results and the long losing streaks, it was the bad performance and lack of reaction when from the team when we really needed it. You can’t ask that from January signings, they’re barely getting used to the game. It is those Perchs, Gutierrezes, Elliots, Taylors that we’d expected reactions from.
    The resilience we were so proud of the season before seemed up in the air.

    For longer periods of last season I only wished to see a good performance for 90 minutes even if I we lose the game. My biggest disappointment in Pards was that his team can play good first half or second half, but never an entire game. Once he works on that we’ll have a manager in our hands.

  • 32 John Tudor // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:37 AM

    now pardew wants to install a british spine in the team
    krul to leave?collo to go?and two new forwards

  • 33 toon kk // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:39 AM

    There’s a problem with the team we have and that’s pace, that’s why we play so much hoofball, its the only way of getting the ball up the pitch quick. When we’re up against fast teams they rip us apart.
    MA digging his heels in the transfer market so expect more of the same.

  • 34 sparky55 // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:39 AM

    john Tudor…love the humour but sadly as you know it’s all gambling speak ala Lambias.

    Strange thing is Pards allegedly had gambling debts to lambias’ casino and yet Lambias has gone first…maybe the debt has been paid off…would be funny to see his payslips showing deductions for gambling debts 🙂

  • 35 JackButler // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:42 AM

  • 36 John Tudor // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:42 AM

    yes just humour but if the debts were true just goes to show there are some dirty underhand dealings throughout the club of this i have no doubt but sadly no proof

  • 37 croftus5678 // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:43 AM

    @13 tds

    our youth setup is getting a lot better over the past few seasons imo.

    remy streete/curtis good/mbabu (who looks good) hairdryer who was bought in for dev squad/bigi 🙂 /cambell/vukic/richardson and this kumen now but i cant comment on him as not seen play yet so theres quite a lot to look forward to in that department.

    not sure we can class fergie/dummet/newton/samy/santon/inman in the youth part of it anymore.

  • 38 danuneek // Jul 11, 2013 at 12:23 PM

    Rotonda heights

    I have read a lot of tripe on this blog which surprises me that when someone actually makes a solid argument like Rotonda has nobody picks up on it. I think your spot on mate, that’s exactly how I feel. It has nothing to do with hating Ashley, Pardew et al … I feel that as a club we are taking the right approach to so many things; financially stable, decent transfer policy, great scouting network, focus on acadamy (despite no results yet), and we have a great squad of players for which Ashley has funded! The reason its not working on the pitch is unfortunately down to Pardew and his coaches playing the wrong type of football – Simples.

  • 39 savio // Jul 11, 2013 at 1:10 PM

    Hi friends,,,I am savio from India…long time supporter of newcastle united…long time reader…i think few of my friends are getting over tensed about us not signing anybody…relax guys…since ashley bought our club,we have always operated in the transfer window in the same way…the press never gets anything from our club…and they make up some stories…only when we sign somebody,we actually know that we were linked with that player…and we have got some really good talent…we should hold on to that talent…especially cabaye,ben arfa,cisse,krul,tiote…personally i would be happy with sinclair/remy,bent and a young cb in this transfer window…i just dont get people who think that nolan is better than cabaye…cabaye is being linked with psg,manu etc which are the big shots in the world of football…when has nolan ever been linked with any of the clubs of such stature…we should consider ourselves lucky to have a player of such class in our team….and regarding pardew….last season his tactics were simply pathetic….bt the season before,he was simply awesome….the best manager in the league…so i think we should wait till november and see how he performs….lets just hope that he is back to his best

  • 40 ronjohno // Jul 11, 2013 at 1:15 PM

    Rotunda Heights andf Danuneek .

    Both spot on.
    Toon have some gifted players but the wrong manager.
    A manager who would have Real Madrid and Barcelona in mid table (at best) because he has no idea how to get a team to play good football.
    Also he really does come out with some crap and always has done-not just with us.
    We rightly pick on Juccaneer but Pardew can be just as stupid.
    Also really wish people would stop talking about “the season before last” as if some miracle had happened.
    Yes 5th was good but some of the performances were not.
    Played out of our skin at WBA with a 433 and next games he reverted to type.
    Also the home game against WBA when we could have gone FOURTH his tactics beggared belief and we threw that away.
    Yes players can be at fault but Pardew never has a Plan B
    and never has the guts to take off his favourites (Jonas??) and would rather take better players off – plenty instances last season – like moving Jonas to left back when Ferguson on the bench.
    I have posted before that Hoofball will be totally alien to French and Dutch – none of their leagues play like that – Anita was taught the Ajax way which is total football and he has to work under Pardew – Jeez

  • 41 Premiership Manager // Jul 11, 2013 at 10:34 PM

    If you look at the squad is it really that much better than when we had Nolan and Barton? Where is the fight passion and commitment?

    It’s definitely a long way off the squad we had under Keegan and Robson where the teams played good exciting football.

    Is it the managers fault, the boards or the players?

    The only business plan seems be, buy cheap and sell at maximum profit if and when offers are made.

    If you look at the squad there are holes everywhere:

    Krull – Came under a lot of pressure due to poor defence

    Debucy – Good going forward but poor in defence, gets caught out of position far to often for an international defender.

    Taylor – Always 100% committed, often tries to take on the world instead of letting others do their job. Lack of regular partner often caused problems. Gets unfair criticism off the fans.

    Collo – Rock solid when his mind is on the game. Definitely not a born leader and fails to inspire fellow players.

    Santon – Technically gifted but not sure he is a natural LB/RB and would be suited to either the wings or a playmaker role picking up and feeding the ball. gets caught out of position but would be a star at Arsenal or continental team. Still a young player and star in the making.

    Mbiwa – Lots of potential, very steady and will be pushing Taylor/Santon but needs first team football.

    Haidara – Looks like a star in the making good in defence and going forward. Will become a better player than Debucy.

    Cabaye – Can pick out a pass and free kick but often fails to deliver on corners. A very good midfielder both attacking and defending but sometimes goes missing in games.

    Tiote – The tank. often rash in the tackle, prone to picking up cards and struggled with fitness last season. A former shadow of prior season. Needs to fight for his place because on his day he can stop most midfields dead. Will struggle to compete with Sissoko

    Sissoko – Not an attacking midfielder come forward. Needs to be played in defensive midfield role in a similar manner to Torre. Strong player who should be ruling the midfield.

    Marvaux – Technically gifted but needs to fight for his place. A better all round player than HBA who can cut in, cross and track back. Needs a regular place on the wing.

    HBA – The most frustrating player in the squad. Bags of talent but prone to giving the ball away and defensively weak. Cuts in when he should cross, dribbles when he should pass. Should be playing up front on the shoulder of Cisse but as a midfielder I would sell him as he unbalances the squad in terms of retaining possession and is very selfish which isn’t good for the team.

    Anita – Did not live up to price tag but deserves more time. Needs to become physically stronger to survive in EPL but has all the right attributes. This season is make or break.

    Jonas – Brilliant servant, work ethic but poor end result. Good back up but would sell him and replace with a younger player.

    Goufran – looking forward to seeing more of him as he has done little wrong and worked hard in a team that was struggling for goals.

    Cisse – Not a good season but worked his socks off with little support from midfield.

    Out of the rest of the squad, Bigi, Fergusson, Tavernier, and Dummett all need games and to be pushing for places.

    Anybody else not mentioned needs to be sold and replaced with fresh talent. Unfortunately Vukic would be among those due to his cruciate ligament and young Sammy has had chances but always looks as if he is struggling.

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