No Resolution On Cisse Wearing Wonga – Trains In Gym

The Daily Mirror is reporting that Papiss Cisse has been training in the gym,  after returning for pre-season training to Newcastle on Friday, so it seems the WONGA question, whether he will wear the WONGA insignia this season, has still not been answered.

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Papiss Cisse – training in gym at Newcastle

It seems that Cisse is being kept out of sight until some resolution can be reached on whether he will wear the WONGA insignia on his kit in this coming season.

Cisse is of the Muslim faith, and Muslims are not allowed to profit from loaning out money, and therefore he has objected on to ­wearing the logo of the payday-loan company, who charge sky high interest rates to those people who can hardly afford it.

But our former short sponsor Virgin Money also charged interest on loans, so we’re not sure what the real difference is.

It’s also Ramadan and during this ninth month of the Islam calendar, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, and during the fast, no food or drink can be consumed – so that makes it difficult for Cisse to train.

The news a few days ago was that Cisse is willing to wear a charity-branded shirt this season, and we suppose that would work, but obviously Newcastle would like all their players to wear the WONGA kit.

The Mirror is reporting this is a stand-off but we think not – it seems appropriate that Cisse stay out of sight until a resolution is reached to this issue – but Newcastle don’t have a lot of time to reach an agreement on this.

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