Are Wonga Forcing Cisse Out Of Newcastle?

The Shields Gazette on Monday suggested that Newcastle may have to sell Papiss Cisse, and that his career was in danger at Newcastle, and now the Daily Mirror is reporting that Papiss Cisse will be sold by Newcastle.

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Papiss Cisse – Wonga insisting on him wearing their insignia?

We know there’s a dispute over Cisse not wanting to wear the Wonga sign for religious reasons, but there’s a simple solution to this, and it’s that Cisse has already offered to wear a blank shirt or else wear a shirt with some Charity logo on it.

That seems a reasonable solution, and was the way Spanish club Sevilla handled a similar situation when Frederic Kanoute refused to wear a betting company logo on his shirt several years ago.

That would seem to be one way to deal with the problem, but as we mentioned earlier today, that would only be possible if Wonga agreed to it.

Wonga is paying Newcastle a reported £24M over four years – the biggest sponsor deal ever by Newcastle – and we have to think it’s Wonga who is objecting to this.

We don’t have any inside information on this, but if you look at what’s happening it’s certainly a reasonable probability, especially for the iconic Newcastle number 9 short, which Cisse wears.

And if this is true, the situation may be a lot more serious than we first thought.

Cisse was not on the flight to Portugal today and was not included in the 23 man squad for the week-long training camp, but if this Wonga deal means we will have to sell Cisse, unless he agrees to wear the Wonga insignia, that would be simply ridiculous.

This problem  is nothing less than evidence that Newcastle have signed up with a company that is not respected in the UK, and certainly Newcastle fans were not happy when this sponsorship deal was announced, whatever money Newcastle were being paid over the four-year deal.

Newcastle have signed up with a company which are a pay-day lender, and these companies charge ridiculously high interest rates to poor people, who often don’t have the credit rating to qualify for normal loans

It’s something that is prohibited in many states in the US, including North Carolina where I live – because of the prohibitive interest rates being charged to the poor.

If the Wonga deal means we have to lose one of our best players, then the deal is simply not worth it.

What do you think?.

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