Cisse Thinks Wonga Rips Off Poor People – He’s Right

We weren’t doing too well in our search for new strikers this summer, and still haven’t signed a senior player in the transfer market, but the very last thing we wanted to see was for Papiss Cisse to leave the club over the Wonga problem.

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Papiss Cisse – Wonga rips off poor people

Papiss has missed the Newcastle tour of Portugal, as he was not included in the squad that left yesterday, and now there are various reports that Cisse could leave Newcastle, and we have to think that’s because Wonga are demanding he wear their insignia on his shirt.

It would appear they will not let him wear a plain shirt or one with a Charity insignia on it.

And now even the Evening Chronicle, which usually takes a decent measured approach to the news, is saying Cisse could now leave Newcastle.

The news is  that Cisse was all ready to leave with the squad yesterday, until he was informed he would not be traveling unless he agreed to wear the Wonga insignia – so it looks like Wonga is starting to call the shots at Newcastle – which is ridiculous.

This is the very last problem Newcastle wanted this summer, and it looks like Wonga is playing hard ball  on the Cisse problem.

And news for the first time that Cisse didn’t object to the Virgin Money logo because he though they were a good and decent company, and well run by Richard Branson.

But he feels Wonga exploit poor people – which is essentially what they do – with those sky-high interest rates.

This is what a friend told the Evening Chronicle today:

“Papiss wanted to go to Portugal. His bag was packed and he was ready to leave.” “Papiss loves the club, the fans and the city. He just wants the situation resolved.

“He simply feels that this is against his religion.”

Wonga’s agreement with Newcastle is that every player must wear the logo on their kit, and that’s not a good deal for Newcastle, because of Cisse’s unwillingness to wear the logo.

Some will say Cisse has caused this problem, but we don’t agree.

It was Newcastle doing a deal with a company like Wonga, who let’s face it – do rip off poor people – that’s the truth, and for the club to get mixed up with a company like Wonga does the image of Newcastle  United no good at all.

What do you think?

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