Two Issues To Get Gomis Signed Are Not Showstoppers

Newcastle have agreed the initial transfer fee plus add-ons with Lyon for Bafetimbi Gomis, and wages have also been agreed with the French International striker.

bafetimbi gomis in white

Bafetimbi Gomis – near a Newcastle move

As we reported earlier today, L’Equipe has been reporting there are two issues still to be agreed for the deal to close:

  • The fees to be paid to Gomis representatives
  • Which club will pay the sell-on fee of 5% due to his former club Saint Etienne, who Gomis left four years ago for Lyon for €13M on a five yeardeal

The usual way the sell-on fee is paid is it comes out of the fee the selling club gets, so it should be paid by Lyon.

But it looks like Lyon President Jean-Michel Aulas is trying to get Newcastle to pay it, or at least some potion of it – maybe the clubs could split that down the middle.

But 5% of the initial fee of €8M is €400K which is about £340K, so we are not talking about a show-stopper here.

The other difficulty is a little more hard to gauge, and Newcastle have to come to some agreement on how much to pay his (many) representatives, because agents these days tend to be a little greedy, to say the least.

And since Newcastle seemed to back down a little bit, after initially not wanting to pay the €2M in add-on fees, it’s hardly likely that paying a little bit more will stop Newcastle completing this deal, when we are so close.

We hope it will not stop the deal going through. 😀

But that has happened before, with Mathieu Debuchy from Lyon last summer, and Turksih striker Mevlut Erdinc from PSG two years ago, when Newcastle refused to pay what was being asked by their clubs.

We are hoping Newcastle will have learned from their past experiences.

What do you think?

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