Is This A Sighting Of Loic Remy In Newcastle?

There was that rather famous photograph of Ben Arfa published in August of 2010, when he seemed to be at Newcastle Airport,  as he tried to force a move to Newcastle from Marseilles, and it all turned out to be true.

loic remy at Newcastle

This is Loic Remy – but is this also Newcastle?

Well we have another similar photograph – this time of Loic Remy – which was sent out by a Newcastle fan on his Twitter account – and Steven Douglas has sent it to the blog.

We delayed putting the Ben Arfa picture out until almost everybody else had published it, because we didn’t know if it was authentic, but we’ll put out this photo of Loic Remy – and we hope it’s authentic and that he’s in Newcastle, but it’s hard to tell where he is from the photo.

Newcastle need a breakthrough in the transfer market very quickly – hopefully today.

Maybe it will be Remy?

Comments welcome.

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