Kinnear – We Are Fighting Hard And Close To Some Signings

Newcastle’s Director of Football Joe Kinnear gave an interview last Sunday, when he said that his aim was to get good players in, so that Newcastle could eventually challenge for a Champions League place.

joe kinnear

Joe Kinnear – interviewed by Sky Sports

And today he has given another interview to Sky Sports, and this time he says while it’s difficult in the transfer market, he is fighting hard and that Newcastle are close to some deals.

This is what Joe said today:

“I’m well aware that everyone is concerned about the lack of transfers and rightly so, but I’m not dragging my heels in any manner.”

“I’m being sensible about the budget I have got and am going to spend it as wisely as I can – I keep manager Alan Pardew well informed and have regular meetings.”

“We sit down on a regular basis and talk about the type of players we want, the best type of players for the Newcastle fans – we are fighting hard,”

“There are two or three of us clubs all seemingly to be wrapped around the same players, and, as I have said to Mike, it is a serious battle that we need to win, and we are very close to achieving that.”

“There are always extra add-ons, always an extra thing and always an extra problem, and then there is always the problem of competition from other teams.”

“Whatever I have offered more or less goes public, and of course that alerts other people that are interested, they tweak it and add a little bit more, and we are in that sort of war at the moment.”

“I’m waiting for a nod, on which the goalposts have moved on numerous occasions, to bring in a couple of strikers.”

The interview from Joe last week was OK, but he was criticized for it, but he didn’t say we’d have the players to fight for a top four place in the coming season, but longer term, so that seemed a sensible and good comment.

This is also a decent interview from Joe, and we must admit that when we hear that Joe’s given an interview we hold our breath just a little bit.

But the proof of the pudding is in the eating,  and Joe can still get the job done this summer – but he needs to get Bafe Gomis and Loic Remy through the door to to achieve that.

Maybe he has some sway with owner Mike Ashley to get him to pay out the money required?

We hope so.

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