Newcastle Have Second Hit List Of Strikers Lined Up

There’s a decent video of Joe Kinnear speaking with Sky Tyne and Wear and the interview lasts over eight minutes and it’s on a cricket filed before Joe takes part in a charity cricket game.

joe kinnear

Joe Kinnear – decent interview

That’s been the big news on Sunday afternoon and it’s a decent interview in that Joe talks well and quite professionally about what Newcastle are doing in the transfer market.

It’s great for the fans to hear exactly what’s happening, and it even sounds good, but we still wish both Joe and Alan Pardew would keep quiet about the deals – until they are complete.

This is the bit right at the end, when Joe is asked how successful can Newcastle be next season:

“I think it took it’s toll and we had a tough season last season, no question about that , and injuries didn’t help things either.” “Maybe the squad wasn’t big and strong enough in certain areas.”

“I’ve sat down with Alan and we’ve gone through numerous things, irrespective of what everybody else is saying about it and the tricky stories that we don’t get on and this that and the other, you as well as I do that it’s a nonsense.

“We get on very well and we have the utmost respect for each other, he keeps in touch with me on a regular basis, and I keeps in touch with him on a regular basis

“I know it’s frustrating for anybody at the club at the moment going into the start of the season without having additional strikers but we are dong the very best we can and I can give people my word of honor if it’s not being these players that we may not be able to snatch and sign we would be signing somebody else.”

“That’s for sure, because we have a second hit list if these three players fall through”

Joe also said he wanted to get the strikers in first, and then he would go after a player to strengthen another part of the side.

Joe of course didn’t mention what the position was and who the targets may be, but that could be a winger like Blackpool’s Tom Ince,  or maybe a central midfielder like James McCarthy of Wigan.

Here’s the full interview and it’s definitely worth a look and listen.

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