Kinnear Says Remy Deal Close – We Still Want Bent – Gomis Signing Difficult

There are some reports that Loic Remy is not too keen to come to Newcastle this summer, but according to our guy doing the deals – Joe Kinnear – we are close to signing Remy.

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Joe Kinnear says the Loic Remy deal is close

Joe was asked by Sky Sports if Newcastle were close to signing Remy, and this is what he said:

“Yes I think very much so, I would like to think we are very, very close to agreeing that.” “I would think maybe Monday or Tuesday we will be a position to say yea or nay, but I am very happy about how that deal is going at the moment.”

And Joe has even said that Newcastle are still hopeful of signing Darren Bent, even though the news stories on Thursday morning were that Newcastle had offered only £2M for the England International and the deal was dead, leaving Fulham as the only club left interested in the 29 year-old.

Not according to Joe Kinnear who said this to Sky Sports today:

“We were with Darren’s agent for two or three hours, we thrashed out a deal.” “We are still in negotiations with Aston Villa so there is a really strong possibility there.”

“Again I hear the latest is that somebody else has all of a sudden shown interest in the player so we have competition from various clubs around the country, but I am not letting go.”

“These are players that me and Alan [Pardew] have spoken about. These are players that we’ve all agreed at the club are the type of player we want to bring to Newcastle.”

And finally, what did Joe have to say about the potential Bafe Gomis deal with Lyon, and Joe had this to say:

“The Gomis deal was agreed on numerous occasions, but it’s a very difficult situation because there’s always extra add-ons, extra things, another problem.”

It’s good to hear that we may be close to a deal on Remy, and that we are still after Bent, but we’d prefer our transfer business to be done in a more private way with more stealth, and the first thing we hear is when the player is actually signed, sealed and delivered.

It’s also hard to be successful in the transfer market, when you give your competitors updates on where you stand in the negotiations for a player – that;s exactly what they want to know.

We need to keep quiet about who we are after from now on – well at least next time around.

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