Pardew – I’ve Earned My Spurs – Proud To Be Newcastle Manager

Newcastle manager has been interviewed in the Journal today and he talks about how he knows he’s managing a big club, and one of the biggest in the Premier League.

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Alan Pardew

And Alan reminds us a bit of when Chris Hughton was the manager, and he cannot believe he is actually managing Newcastle United, and it will be the biggest job he will have in football, and it seems that Alan wants the fans to know he is trying his utmost to bring success to the club:

“I’m very proud to be manager of this club, and I don’t say that lightly,” “There’s so many things that excite me about being here.”

“When things have happened in the past,  and you might question certain things that have gone on, the overriding strength of this club is that I know I am the manager of a very big club, I think one of the biggest in the Premier League. Therefore, my vision and my philosophy must be to bring success, and I must drive that regardless of what obstacles get in my way.”

“If there’s an obstacle in my way, I just have to jump over it. I think I’m the second longest-serving Premier League manager, and longest-serving manager at this club since Sir Bobby Robson. I’ve kind of earned my spurs, and sometimes in adversity I think the fans admire you more.”

“I like to think last year I didn’t buckle and wasn’t negative about the players, the fans or the club.”  “I just got us over the line, and I think that was very important last year. I’m hoping I’ll get the rewards of that this year. I like to think the fans understood I was honest and respectful when we finished fifth, and when we finished 16th.”

It seems that Alan is trying to persuade the fans who don’t rate him, that in fact  he’s good enough to be the Magpies manager – surely he hasn’t been reading the blogs lately? 😀

And maybe we are the only ones,  but if we can get Bafe Gomis through the door, we’ll have our best squad since the great Bobby Robson was in charge.

But it’s also true that the competition in the Premier League is much more fierce than it was when Bobby was around, and there has been some big money spent by the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City since Bobby was manager.

Both those clubs have spent almost £1B on their clubs, since their Billionaire owners took over – that’s just ridiculous.

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