These Improvements Should Make Newcastle Very Competitive

There seems to be some disagreement among Newcastle fans about just how strong our squad will be this season, compared to say two years ago, and it’s good that we got Loic Remy through the door, because at least we now have one more striker than we had in the second half of last season, and we’ve finally replaced Demba Ba.

jonas gutierrez at Ibrox

Jonas Gutierrez – a handful for Rangers in first half on Tuesday

Nobody at Newcastle is guaranteed their starting place, and that’s how it should be, and that’s true also of new signing Loic Remy.

Jonas Gutierrez had his best game in many moons for Newcastle on Tuesday night at Ibrox, especially in that first half, when he was simply outstanding for the side, and the Argentine International has today warned Remy that everybody at Newcastle will be fighting for a starting position:

“Remy’s going to be a good striker for us, but it will be hard for him to play, because Papiss Cisse has been doing the right things and has been working hard.”

“There’s going to be more competition this year and all the strikers are going to have to work hard because players will arrive and they will want to go straight into the team.”

“We are always going to give a good welcome to any players that come in. We are keen to do our best and every player wants to be in the starting XI. All the players want the same and if new players are going to come in, we have to work harder to keep our places.”

Hopefully we can look forward to Newcastle players being a lot fitter than they were last season, and with a lot less injuries picked up during the season, and that was one major reason we struggled last season, because we had so many of our best players out injured.

And it was an excellent move by the club to hire renowned Performance Director Faye Downey to improve the levels of fitness of our players, and cut down the number if injuries.

And so far it seems to be paying off with very few pre-season injuries, but it’s probably too early to judge.

If Faye can help reduce the injuries at Newcastle, that will be a huge plus for the club.

Increased fitness, fewer injuries,  more competition for places and  an improved strike force is exactly what we needed after last season’s huge disappointment.

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