This Is Still In Newcastle’s Favor In Bafe Gomis Transfer

We’re not sure what exactly is holding up the transfer of Bafe Gomis from Lyon to Newcastle, but the most common sticking point being reported in the press, is the fees wanted by his agents are just too high.

bafetimbi gomis in car

Bafe Gomis – waiting for the Newcastle deal to go through

And it  wouldn’t be the first time agents’ fees have held up or even ended a potential transfer,  and each year Premier League clubs have to publish the fees paid to agents and the amounts paid out are a little staggering.

In short they are far too much and agents are getting rich just for arranging the deals, which seems absurd, and it’s something that football will have to get under control sooner rather than later.

But if we assume the fees are what’s holding the deal up, as the end of the transfer window approaches Lyon  will become even more anxious to sell, because if Bafe doesn’t leave this summer, his price will go down.

He could still leave in January, but the transfer fee for him would be less than it is now, so Lyon would lose out, and assuming agents’ fees are based on a percentage of the fee (that’s an assumption) then the agents’ fees will also decrease.

So it seems that as long as another club doesn’t come in and meet the Lyon fee for Gomis €8M plus €2M in add-on fees that Newcastle have agreed to pay, the pressure will be on both Lyon and his agents to get a deal done with Newcastle.

And to use the immortal words of Mick Jagger – time is on our side. 😀

But Joe Kinnear will need to make a tough decision before the end of August, and if it looks like the Gomis deal will not go through Newcastle will still need to bring in another striker.

And that’s why we were wondering yesterday which striker is at the top of Newcastle’s B list.

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