Why There’s No Way Eto’o Will Join Newcastle

We lost the internet last night in a serious lightning storm in Raleigh, so I’m at the local McDonald’s this morning (5:00 am EDT time is when they opened) getting back on board – but before the storm we were alerted by a couple of readers that Samuel Eto’o had been offered to Newcastle,

eto'o anzho st james

Samuel Eto’o in action against Newcastle earlier this year

When Freddy Shepherd was running the club it could have been a definite possibility that we would go after a world-class player on huge wages – and the Cameroon Intentional is said to be paid the highest wages in world football currently.

Freddy was keen to bring big names to Newcastle,  even if they were way past their best and pay them big wages too – for their last big pay day – but those days are gone – be that good or bad.

Whatever his transfer fee is, that’s not the big problem – the big problem is his wages and what he will want.

Anzhi used to have more money than sense – but that’s now changing – but two years ago they paid £17M for Eto’o from Inter Milan and gave him a £350K a week contract – worth around £17M a year.

I wasn’t even getting close that that at IBM. 😀

Eto’o will hope to still receive  those wages, and he will want European football too, and at the very least the Europa League, and Newcastle can offer none of them.

So we hate to be spoil-sports and report some reality here – but there’s just no way Newcastle will pay out huge money for a 32 year-old past his best and on huge wages.


Newcastle’s new direction is to find players like Samuel Eto’o while they are young and develop them at the club into world-class stars – that’s the direction anyway.

While Mike Ashley owns the club Newcastle will not pay huge wages to older stars – and of course it’s Mike’s decision,  not Joe Kinnear’s.

What do you think?

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