We’ll Be Looking To Win At Manchester City

Alan Pardew has been interviewed in the Northern Echo today, and says Newcastle will be going into our first game at the Etihad Stadium next Monday evening, looking to win that game against money bags Manchester City.

alan pardew in black wonga

Alan Pardew – we go into win every game

One of the things we like about the Newcastle manager is that he does come up with a game plan to try to win every game, and that’s different from some past managers – and Sam Allardyce immediately comes to mind.

Newcastle will be almost at full strength next Monday night, although Remy will not make the game and it looks like Argentine International Jonas Gutierrez will still be injured.

Here’s what Alan said today:

“Look at Manchester City and their outlay.” “There’s a statistic that they have spent £400M just on strikers over the last six years. It’s phenomenal.”

“But actually, when we get to Monday, August 19, they can only put a couple on.” “They won’t put four on – although they might do over the course of the game – but it’s still 11 versus 11.”

“You must always enter every game in the belief that you can go and win it. I’ve always done that. Even last year when we were really struggling for confidence and even personnel we had to enter the game with a game plan and a belief you can win.”

“Trust me, we will be looking to do that next season too.” “Finishing fifth that year when you look back at it, wow it’s going to be very difficult to replicate but our ambition must be to replicate that.”

We don’t think many Newcastle fans will be expecting too much from our first game next Monday night, but a decent result there would be a great way to start the season.

It reminds us of the start of the 2008-2009 season under Kevin Keegan, when our first game was at Manchester United and we played very well and scored first, before gaining a very creditable 1-1 draw.

Of course disaster happened two weeks later when Kevin left the club, and we finally were relegated the following May.

The same thing will not happen this season, but we’d be happy enough with a point at the Etihad Stadium next Monday.

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