This Is Why Newcastle Could Get Tough On Yohan Cabaye

Newcastle received a £12M bid for Newcastle playmaker Yohan Cabaye on Sunday from Arsenal, and that was immediately rejected, but the Gunners have probably made contact with the player’s agent to let them know what they are willing to pay him in wages – but whatever has really happened Alan Pardew admitted after the game that Cabaye’s head had been turned.

yohan cabaye black and shite halves

Yohan Cabaye – probably refused to play last night

And the Newcastle manager has said that it’s always hard to keep players when they want to leave, but hey we shouldn’t sell Cabaye unless we receive £25M for him, and if that offer doesn’t come along then he will stay on Tyneside.

Mike Ashley should take a leaf out of Tottenham supremo Daniel Levy’s book, by insisting on a ridiculous deal before they will sell.

Levy did that with Luka Modric last summer, and finally got £33M out of Real Madrid for him, and he’s now playing hard ball with Gareth Bale this summer, with a ridiculous fee of £105M being mentioned in the press..

But the fee is only ridiculous for the buying club – it’s great for the selling club – as we found out when we sold Andy Carroll..

And lets’ face it these footballers live in an unreal world, and when they sign contracts they think they can leave if it’s a good offer for them – but what happens if it’s not good for their football club?

What happened yesterday was that either Alan Pardew decided Yohan was not in the right frame of mind to play – or Yohan simply refused to play to try to force through a deal, and it could well have been the latter.

If necessary Newcastle should keep Cabaye out of the squad through the end of the transfer window (13 days to go), and not do a deal unless they get what they want for Yohan Cabaye.

And if Yohan sulks then so be because it he can sit out the season until January rolls around – but remember it’s a World Cup year coming up, and he will want to be playing regularly to get into the French side for the World Cup games and also for the tournament next summer.

So it seems that Newcastle have got all the answers if they simply play hard ball for the next 13 days.

If Cabaye doesn’t move hell soon come around and realize he actually has a legal contract to play for Newcastle – that’s why these players sing contracts in the first place.

Newcastle have every right to keep him at Newcastle this summer – unless we get £25M for him – and if he doesn’t like that – then so be it.

We usually think that if a player wants to leave we should just sell him, but in this case the advantages seem to be with Newcastle, if only because of the World Cup next summer, and Yohan will need to be playing somewhere.

And if he doesn’t get his move to either Arsenal (unlikely) or PSG ( a lot more likely) then he needs to stay at Newcastle – whether he likes that or not.

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