Newcastle Need To Sign This Striker In January

It’s understood that Newcastle will have the first chance to sign Loic Remy next summer, for whatever the price is – £8M or €8M (£6.8M) – take your choice.

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Loic Remy – sign him up as soon as possible

Given the class that Loic has already displayed at Newcastle, that fee is very low for a player of his caliber, and all being well, and assuming Loic is found not guilty at his trial for rape in November, we hope that Newcastle will  be able to sign Loic in January,

It could be dangerous if Newcastle wait until the summer, because then there will be other clubs in for him, if he scores lots of goals, which now seems very possible.

And even if we try to get the deal sealed in January,  Arsenal are wanting to sign a top striker in the next transfer window, and £8M will seem like peanuts  to Arsene Wenger, so we have to hope that Newcastle do their work under the radar screen until January rolls around.

And then we get him signed up to a five-year deal on Tyneside, because from what we’ve seen of him so far, he would be an absolute bargain.

And the fans have already taken to him, and he seems like a good guy – and comes across so well in his interviews – so get him signed up Joe.

And Joe made a big deal  in last Saturday’s program notes that Loic was still a QPR player and that he would return to the London club in the summer, but that was to lower the expectations of Newcastle fans, which for Joe is a good move. 😀

But once you’ve played in front of 52,000 fans at St. James’ Park,  who would want to go back play in front of 17,000 fans in a small stadium at a small club.

Hopefully not Loic.

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