Mike Ashley Doesn’t Understand Football – Pardew

Alan Pardew was interviewed on Goals on Sunday this morning, and the Newcastle manager had some interesting things to say, mostly about Mike Ashley, the owner.

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Mike Ashley – sometimes he gets upset

Mike was a Billionaire when he bought Newcastle just over six years ago, and he is still a Billionaire, and worth a little bit more than he was in 2007.

This is what Alan Pardew had to say about Mike:

“Mike is a strong character who has been a success in his whole business life and is a genius in that world – but when you come to football the logic doesn’t quite fit.”

“He loves football but he sometimes can’t understand how it works, and it confuses and upsets him, and when he is upset he does things that aren’t brilliant for the football club.”

“That’s just Mike and he has funded the club, made sure we have no debt – other than to himself – and supported me.”

“But unless we get a billionaire from deepest Russia we are probably not going to be able to compete with the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea, which is what our fans want.”

Well there’s some real criticism of Ashley from Alan Pardew, and we’d love to know the specifics of when Mike’s been upset and done things that aren’t brilliant for the football club – maybe the sacking of Derek LLambias in June?

And the very fact that Joe Kinnear was brought in meant that Derek would not be staying at the club, and even before Joe was formally announced he said that Derek had resigned.

One day Derek LLambias announced Joe’s new position at the club, and the next day Derek resigned.

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