Newcastle United Hurt By The Fans’ Great Love Of The Club

One of the comments made by Alan Pardew yesterday on Sky Sports will probably get some publicity, because the Newcastle manager said that the passion and love shown by Geordie fans for their club hurts the club, because there is so much attention on things – like when we have a bad results as one example.

newcastle fans last night

This is Newcastle United 😀

Alan Pardew has already said there has been too much knee jerk reaction to some results this season – like after the first game at Manchester City, the Hull City debacle and the Everton defeat.

And it’s not just the defeats where there’s an over-reaction , but also the wins – like at Aston Villa and Cardiff where we looked like a very good side in both games.

This is the statement Alan made yesterday:

“It’s a city that loves the club so much that it hurts itself, because of that love,”  “If there was perhaps less pressure on our results, and the effect on the city, it would probably be a better club, but that’s what it is – it’s never going to change.”

When all things are going well at Newcastle, when we are winning,  there is nothing better than playing in front of Newcastle fans, and it has to be a huge lift for the players.

But when things are not going well, like last season, those same players will come under pressure from the fans, especially if they don’t show 100% effort and commitment.

That might all be true – but it’s always been like that at Newcastle, and as Alan says it will always be like that.

I know my own reaction to results is hardly logical, and there’s nothing better than writing articles after a great result, and nothing worse than writing them after a poor result.

And I must have heard “But it’s only a game” a million times from my Geordie wife Madeline over the last 41 years. 😀

But that’s just the way it is and yes, it’s a lot different from other clubs – but that’s exactly what makes Newcastle United very special compared to some other clubs.

That’s the truth.

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