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We’ve Got Great Faith In Him – He’s Such An Honest Player

11:14 pm, Thursday, October 31st, 2013 by Ed Harrison · 75 Comments

Papiss Cisse has scored just one goal this season, and he seems to lack confidence and when he gets chances, that lack of confidence shows through and he usually misses, and that’s what happened at least twice last night in the Capital One Cup against Manchester City.

papiss cisse after scoring man united

We want to see more of this from Papiss Cisse

Of course all strikers go though barren stretches and it happened to the great strikers like Alan Shearer, who had barren spells of his own during his fantastic goal scoring career.

Alan Pardew is considered a very good coach for strikers, and he had this to say about Papiss and his plight at the moment:

“Torres has worked hard in training, trying to find form. Sometimes when you search for it, you don’t look your best. You try too hard or try to score from angles that aren’t on – fail to take opportunities.”

“I think Papiss is fighting that at the moment. He needs to find way back to true form.”  “When he scores, we look a great side.”  “We’ve got great faith in him – he’s such an honest player and he works hard.”

“Sometimes it just needs to fall into place, a game or a goal can kick-start that.”  ”The thing about Papiss is, he generates love. Everybody I speak to is desperate for him to get that break and I think that’s what you need.”

“As a striker sometimes you just need that break. I think that’s what he’s searching for at the moment.”  “His effort is good. He’s not sulking, he’s not doing anything in the team to disrupt in terms of stopping making runs. He’s doing everything we want.”

“We’ve got to try to work with him and encourage him, and hopefully give him an opportunity to get a goal.”

What Papiss needs is to get a chance that he doesn’t even think about,  and the ball in the back of the net by instinct, and any goal from the Senegal man can start to bring back his confidence.

And of course, as Alan says, when Papiss does score those goals, Newcastle look a much better side, and if we are going to get a result against Chelsea on Saturday afternoon, in the early game, we’ll need both Papiss Cisse and Loic Remy able to take whatever chances we get and turn them into goals.

Comments welcome.

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75 responses so far ↓

  • 1 Graeme // Oct 31, 2013 at 11:25 PM

    Cisse didnt become a class act by chance, overnight and he didnt become a useless striker either. Form is temporary, class is permanant and all that.

    Cisse is lacking something and its obvious that Pardew, who is in charge of defensive coaching, hasn’t got a clue where the problem is. Cisse would be better of talking to Shearer or Ba to try and get his form back – NUFC coaches have failed to provide the answers despite months of trying.

    The problem isnt with Cisse – In my opinion, obviously.

  • 2 jimiley // Oct 31, 2013 at 11:26 PM

    Cisse can become the new Shola

  • 3 jimmysmith // Oct 31, 2013 at 11:27 PM

    I think Papisse out of form is having a really big impact on us. Essentially no contribution from the player we have invested so heavily in, not just in terms of money, but also as our only legitimate first choice central striking option. I think we need to persevere with him, not because his form warrants it, but simply that unless he turns his form around, we will still lack goal threat and that won’t change, however, if he can start hitting the back of the net we all of a sudden look really dangerous. You can’t get away with a lack of real depth in the spine of the team, it would appear.

  • 4 K T Cat // Oct 31, 2013 at 11:30 PM

    He looks like he’s overthinking everything. He seems hesitant and almost passive.

    On the team in general, they look like they’re living down to the owner’s expectations. He doesn’t want to win, so why bother? I’m sure they wouldn’t say that out loud, but the lack of ambition on his part has got to be a morale killer for the team.

  • 5 jimiley // Oct 31, 2013 at 11:31 PM

    You cannot persevere with a striker who contributes nowt and scores no goals. playing with 10 men. Who else would play a striker who cannot score?

  • 6 Graeme // Oct 31, 2013 at 11:35 PM

    K T Cat – exactly. When the stated objective is mediocrity, it permeates through every aspect of the club. The players know there is no ambition to achieve anything – mentally they gear up to achieve exactly that – Nothing whatsoever.

    So sad, so avoidable, so NOT Newcastle United.

  • 7 jimmysmith // Oct 31, 2013 at 11:47 PM

    Well, if you do drop him, you’re consigning yourself to a strike force that hasn’t got enough goals in them period, even when playing well.

    I guess we really do need another central striking option along with him. Remy is excellent but he is not the prolific central striker we need and then we are left with Gouffran and Benny either side or interchanging as a front 3, good players but not enough goals between them, for a side that aspires to be top half.

  • 8 NewcastleMole // Oct 31, 2013 at 11:59 PM

    All Pardew’s recent comment have the same theme. He’s waiting for something to Kick Start out season. Im sorry but that attitude is quite shocking.

    He won’t do the honorable thing of quitting because he wants the pay off.

  • 9 Graeme // Nov 1, 2013 at 12:08 AM

    Jimmy, surely we can create a potent strike force out of Remy, Cisse, Gouffran, Sissoko, Ben10, Bambi (no, really lol). If we cant, we are in serious trouble.

  • 10 jimmysmith // Nov 1, 2013 at 12:25 AM

    I think we have an extremely potent strike force as long as Cisse is scoring. If he isn’t we are significantly short of the goals we need, as we concede so many. Still have a flawed and unbalanced squad, in my opinion, and have done for donkeys now.

  • 11 jimmysmith // Nov 1, 2013 at 12:40 AM

    Yeah Graeme, it’s hard to know why he’s out of form. Could easily be a coaching issue, ie Shearer under Gullit.

  • 12 beddersmag // Nov 1, 2013 at 12:57 AM

    But jimmy pardew was coaching him when he was on fire. Can we not try and pin everything on Pardew. Hes obviously a confidence player and after a terrible run that is simply shot. Then again even when hes confident he doesnt seem to be the best imo. He can be a great finisher but not sure he gives enough all round for me and sometimes looks amateur.

  • 13 beddersmag // Nov 1, 2013 at 12:59 AM

    Sorry jimmy not saying you are pinning it on pards just always seems to be the way on here. Sometimes its just players not being in form

  • 14 Toon-Prodigy // Nov 1, 2013 at 1:03 AM

    The problem is not with management.

    It is down to inconsistency with individual performances. They are up and down consistently. The squad is small when injuries occur and lacking quality all over the pitch due to not building sufficiently over the last how many years.

    I’v been dreading these injuries occuring and was hoping they wouldn’t all come at a time which would leave us bare. To be honest though, im not witnessing poor football, I can see an improvement on last yr.

    Williamson has done ok.
    Dummett has done ok.
    Tiote is getting back to his best.
    Cabaye is looking better.
    Shola is looking ok.
    Debuchy is looking better.
    Gouffran has been great.
    Remy has been excellent.

    My worries are Mbwia, Ben Arfa, Sissoko, Santon and Cisse. They need to work on there consistency, not so much Cisse because once he gets a couple he will thrive like all forwards do. Every forward goes through a spell like he is having. The rest though have been up and down for the better part of the season so far.

    The morale at the club must be difficult for the players I agree with some of the previous posts. If you have a board who dosn’t have any ambition for the club then that leaves you with very little incentives.

    With it being a world cup year though and with us being a stepping stone club we will get that extra effort im sure this season from certain individuals.

    All in all though, the football is not bad and we have did well against far superior opposition recently, taking away the disgraceful game against the Makums.

    If we can get everyone giving it 100% and pulling in the same direction with the consistency we should be OK to finish mid-table.

    Not glorious, but this is what our shambles of an owner seems content with.

  • 15 Graeme // Nov 1, 2013 at 1:05 AM

    Shearer, under Gullit was just as bad as it gets! Our coaches just dont seem to have what it takes to sort the problems!! Cisse is working under a defensive minded Manager – cover your arse first.

    Cisse needs looking after – I would wager £5000 that SBR would have Cisse banging them in like he was 12 – 18 months ago, when he got “goal of the season” Its simply a completely different mind-set.

    Bring on some proper coaches, seems to be the answer!!!!

  • 16 wolfshead@toon // Nov 1, 2013 at 1:13 AM

    mmmm same manager as when he was free scoring course he had ba to spoon feed him then tho

  • 17 t00ntime // Nov 1, 2013 at 1:14 AM

    Since the season we finished 5th we have conceded less shots on target, yet we concede more goals
    We have created more chances and had more shots on target, yet score less goals
    And the long ball has decreased.
    (on avg per game last season, and on avg per game this season that is)
    What this tells me is that our keeper isnt as confident and our striker is less deadly.

    Cisse is definitely less deadly. He keeps shooting straight at the keeper and hopes it bounces in. He needs someone to teach him about placement over power. Like vs city, the keeper came out early and that made it difficuilt but it never looked like he thought about placement. He just shot it straight at the keeper. He does it with headers too. I think if someone teaches him placement he will be alot better. Also think in the first half Cisses movement was nice, he worked well with Shola. Too bad his finishing was bad.

    On Krul. I really like him but atm his decision making is awful. Yes the defense leave him open alot but according to the stats they did that even more the season we finished 5th but Krul was on fire. Was he lucky and actually a bang average keeper, or is there something worrying him? or is it just a case of they’re getting better chances now?
    I think its a mix of better chances and something worrying Krul (maybe just nervous or something after all the injuries)

  • 18 t00ntime // Nov 1, 2013 at 1:22 AM

    @toonprodigy I agree but I’d add cabaye to the list. Some games he has done well but others he has done nothing all game.
    Maybe even Remy too. great some games, does nothing others :S

    Stats prove AP is actually improving our play which is always nice to see. (unknowing how long he’ll still be here like). If we had signed a LW/ST in the summer I think we’d be alot better off. Alot of games I think all we needed was a good ST upfront and we’d have won. Especially if he was in a suarez/hba mould as in he can create his own stuff out of nothing. (too bad hba just doesnt seem capable of playing as a false 9)

    Another problem is when a few of our players are having a bad game, we cant create any good chances, lots of shots from outside the box but no good passes/crosses into the box. Thats why I think Cisse struggles even more. you see it if 2 or 3 of Cabaye/hba/remy/sissoko are having a bad game. amount of good chances becomes really low.

  • 19 wolfshead@toon // Nov 1, 2013 at 1:26 AM

    last time cisse scored in the prem he was wearing a virgin money logo thats more than a bad spell lol

  • 20 Toon-Prodigy // Nov 1, 2013 at 1:34 AM


    Im trying to go off last season and compare to what we have witnessed so far this season, in regards to Cabaye he was pretty poor last season when available. I do genuinely believe we are on the up, there is improvement there to be seen. We are seeing better form from players its just that inconsistency.

    There are too many players having off games at the same time.

    Yeah your right, if we had of built the squad further, we would have more options to change games, added some much needed depth to the wings and forward line.

    I am quite happy with the effort of the lads who have came in so far though. Williamson, Dummett and even Shola have looked OK. Nothing spectacular but OK.

    Still though, it’s a results business and if we don’t start getting them Pardew will go. Regardless of Mike and Joe’s incompetence in the Summer. Pardew will take the flak as usual not those two.

  • 21 // Nov 1, 2013 at 3:17 AM

    Cisse will be fine once the dam bursts

  • 22 Sav // Nov 1, 2013 at 3:41 AM

    Remy delivers best when on left to Papiss in the central role. |That is no coincidence. Cisse will come good while Remy takes a bit of pressure off him in terms of goals and defenders’ attentions, just like Ba, except Remy can get goals from wide positions whereas Ba struggled. They will click if we stick with it. Even now after a long drought, Cisse’s stats for us are still impressive.

  • 23 Jamseyd24 // Nov 1, 2013 at 4:21 AM

    The problem is not just with Cisse, I watch alot of football and is clear to me and I am no expert that its out dull boring style of play. We never seem to score from a cross anymore. We need wingers who can cross. We can get away with Benny on the right side cutting in but on the left side we are dreadful. We need a new ROBERT!!

  • 24 Ciaran // Nov 1, 2013 at 4:37 AM


    You’re an idiot, plain and simple.

  • 25 jesperfuglsang - captain of the lemon crew // Nov 1, 2013 at 5:31 AM

    Morning guys!

    maybe the problem is the way we setup our 4-3-3 and not so much the players; have you ever thought about that?

    We are playing it very stif and conservative at times and we are more concerned about tracking back than getting into an advanced position where we are dangerous!

    We shouldd be much more concerned about creating more space for each other and telling our players to move into that space. Where are the triangle, the pass and movement.

    The worse thing about the way we play is that when ever we go forward there are not enough in the box because we were too concerned about everyone tracking back.

    This has actually been the point that has divided the blog as well – this is where we all really disagree!

  • 26 89Norcal // Nov 1, 2013 at 5:53 AM

    How the hell do we solve Cisse’s problem? Truth be told some players are better at overcoming adversity than others. Cisse is pretty much a full blown defeatist right now. Cynical, hesitant, and an air of desperation.

    I feel part of it is our play doesn’t seem centered around him, but more suited to getting the wingers in scoring positions – since both of them (Remy n Hatem) are our best players.

    Meanwhile Cisse is left to be a target man or to hold up play, when his main strength is neither of those. His movement off the ball seems poor as well once Remy and Hatem cut in.

  • 27 89Norcal // Nov 1, 2013 at 5:55 AM


    I noticed that too. Far too often have I seen Debuchy or Hatem sprint upfield only to have no one to cross to. We were a little better about getting numbers forward in the City game though but only on a few chances.

  • 28 JAMSHA // Nov 1, 2013 at 6:36 AM

    so now cisse is pardews new BF

  • 29 John Tudor // Nov 1, 2013 at 6:39 AM

    sadly we are a bad side

  • 30 John Tudor // Nov 1, 2013 at 6:43 AM

    whether by players, coaching staff ,management or owner

  • 31 Marty-Toon // Nov 1, 2013 at 6:59 AM

    Cussed is quality,problem is no one has told him bout the offside rule.

  • 32 cyprus // Nov 1, 2013 at 7:22 AM

    That regular offside rule comment is plain unfair. Last year he got a few goals that were cancelled because the linesmen DIDN’T KNOW the offside rule. That’s what you get when you play off the shoulder, dude. Like we should know, all CF’s go through barren spells. Don’t know what the deal is with this guy: the Wonga thing? Ramadan? Complete loss of confidence? Wrong style of play?

    I feel sorry for the guy, but mainly my team. We now have ZERO regular goal scorers. Remy is our only chance, and he was our worse player in the last two games he played. The fact that many are wanting Shola on, a consistent 0 goals culprit, is a concern.

    btw. what has happened to Remy’s and HBA’s ex-frightening sprint bursts? Carrying injuries? Have been told by our wondrous performance guru to cut them out as THEY bring on injuries?

  • 33 Charlie in the Gallowgate // Nov 1, 2013 at 7:33 AM

    I think Remy is carrying a injury – taken off at the Mackems and was on the bench against Shitty but not used.

  • 34 stuart no9 // Nov 1, 2013 at 7:39 AM

    right be honest- cisse is a CF that cant score goals, 1 goal this season is totally shocking.
    Lack of service?? not really, apart from actually putting the ball in the net for him on wednesday, what kind of service does he want .
    Offside. that is not down to bad service or confidence , that is purely unawareness- lazyness, amatureish , whatever you want to call it, something he has done since he arrived here. Nile ranger got slaughtered for his lack of goals , why is he any different ???. He gets paid for scoring goals, if he is not doing his job drop him , better still sell him .
    It is not just this season , but last season as well .Yeah CFs have these spells , but not for this long. CFs get caught offside – not as much as him . he learns nothing .How long do we put up with him ??? yeah he may get the odd tap in or a rebound off his arse , so what ? most players get one sometime. We lost the game on wed because of him . That game should have been finished in 90 mins . I have no sympathy for him – not on 30 or 40 grand a week

  • 35 Charlie in the Gallowgate // Nov 1, 2013 at 7:46 AM

    If anyone has half an hour take a look at

    on teams spending over the last five years to try and win the Premiership get into the Champions League or avoid relegation

    The “per season” column is the “Nett” total divided by the 5 giving an average of the money spent in transfer fees by each premiership club each season in the last five Seasons.

    # Net Spend last 5 Years Purchased Gross Sold Nett Per Season

    1 Man City £640,650,000 £163,700,000 £476,950,000 £95,390,000
    2 Chelsea £390,000,000 £100,100,000 £289,900,000 £57,980,000
    3 Man United £229,750,000 £128,800,000 £100,950,000 £20,190,000
    4 Stoke City £99,825,000 £8,650,000 £91,175,000 £18,235,000
    5 Ast Villa £179,600,000 £93,600,000 £86,000,000 £17,200,000
    6 Liverpool £304,450,000 £220,550,000 £83,900,000 £16,780,000
    7 Southamp £75,350,000 £14,600,000 £60,750,000 £12,150,000
    8 Sunderl £153,630,000 £103,700,000 £49,930,000 £9,986,000
    9 Hull City £41,525,000 £8,250,000 £33,275,000 £6,655,000
    10 West Ham £81,850,000 £54,800,000 £27,050,000 £5,410,000
    11 West Brom A £50,745,000 £28,810,000 £21,935,000 £4,387,000
    12 Norwich City £22,750,000 £1,100,000 £21,650,000 £4,330,000
    15 Swansea £48,455,000 £29,860,000 £18,595,000 £3,719,000
    14 Cardiff City £29,695,000 £12,925,000 £16,770,000 £3,354,000
    15 Fulham £50,580,000 £39,700,000 £10,880,000 £2,176,000
    16 Crystal Pal £18,800,000 £9,750,000 £9,050,000 £1,810,000
    17 Tottenham £310,900,000 £306,300,000 £4,600,000 £920,000
    18 Arsenal £188,200,000 £192,400,000 -£4,200,000 -£840,000
    19 Everton £63,500,500 £75,816,000 -£12,315,500 -£2,463,100
    20 Newcastle £93,150,000 £118,150,000 -£25,000,000 -£5,000,000

    Interesting reading: that spending a fortune does not mean a top six finish.
    also as the spuds – sell your prime asset can make a huge difference in profit loss spend

  • 36 Klatoon // Nov 1, 2013 at 8:14 AM

    Im more worried about Sissoko…

  • 37 stuart no9 // Nov 1, 2013 at 8:29 AM

    Klatoon —-/ @36. Yeah , he’s another one . A blistering debut against Chelsea , then nothing , however I blame pardew for his downfall .

  • 38 Our Toon // Nov 1, 2013 at 8:32 AM

    Hi All,

    I think Pards is to blame, Cisse was on fire when he joined (played well for Freiburg) full of confidence. Played up top in what was an attacking team, the following season Demba Ba spat his dummy out, he wanted to play up top so Cisse got pushed out on to the wing. Confidence shot because the manager didn’t have the kahunas to say to Demba sorry but Cisse is my first choice. Demba leaves us and we are stuck with someone who is out of form and probs pretty annoyed with the management of Newcastle for chucking him on the wing!!

    Last season I lost count of how many times we lumped it forward to Cisse (toward his head) that tells me the manager is not playing to the guys strengths!! Remy is better from out wide and can’t play up top on his own, we need a new manager who can get the best out of all the players……inconsistency is something you all bang on about, well probably because each player has his role/position changed within the team at least 3 or 4 times (manager can’t be consistent with formations or player positions but you blame the player) PARDS OUT!!

  • 39 cyprus // Nov 1, 2013 at 8:37 AM

    Is Remy injury prone? He seems to sit out many games. Same with Taylor, who should not be in the first 11 when fir in any case. Despite our regular 2 goal concession, I still think our primary concern is up front. Tricky, fast wingers who can cause disarray (it’s been a while since we had one of those), one quality CF. When did we last score 3?

  • 40 RONNIE147 // Nov 1, 2013 at 8:43 AM

    It seems to me a lot of are players being off form is down to what coaching pardew gives them. When all are new signings sign they look good players, cisse scoring for fun, sissoko powering his way past Chelsea players to score, now look at them. Cisse not only doesn’t score but his movement that was there when he joined is gone n sissoko is no way near the player we signed. There’s other players too that have gone downhill once The Lying King gets his hands on them. For me Pardew needs to go he’s simply not good enough, a premiership manager NO, a yes man, puppet, excuse maker YES!

  • 41 Our Toon // Nov 1, 2013 at 8:47 AM

    Spot on Ronnie,

    Tiote is another one who was in top form when Pards took over….slowly destroyed him as well, I’m all for attacking players to interchange but currently we have players playing 4 different positions, we played with a false number 9 against the Mackems….We don’t have the players do do that kind of thing.

  • 42 RONNIE147 // Nov 1, 2013 at 8:52 AM

    Cheers our toon, too many fans think pardew is innocent in all Ashley’s deal but the vast majority no different. He showed what he is last week with this paper ban. He agreed to it too his name was on letter. There’s a cancer ruining our great club n The Lying King is part of it!

  • 43 Jail for Ashley // Nov 1, 2013 at 8:53 AM

    Could I please request that anybody sympathetic to our cause in trying to affect change at the club buy a copy of tomorrows Chronicle, it’s only 50 pence, which is the difference in the price of a pint in certain places.

  • 44 Mister Tuff // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:02 AM

    I see that the Toon have now banned the Newcastle United Supporters Trust from the fans forum -the promise of a permanent seat at the forum has been rescinded. More denial of free speech. Link:-

  • 45 Our Toon // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:12 AM

    What is happening for me to buy tomorrows chronicle? I will buy it but for what reasons? I’m currently serving a self-imposed ban on all Newcastle Utd related things purely because of the way my beloved club is being run. This is the time for the local papers/media to take the fight to Ashley and his 2 Yobs. The time for change has come, from top to bottom, just a shame that the guy who I wanted as new manager has taken over at the Scum but these lot need to be kicked out of town!! The Chronicle can spread the message better than most!!

    The only way the fans will be heard is through a United voice, unfortunately forums etc are a waste of time with this lot!! Hit them in the pocket, look at how a few hundred have already made Ashley’s blood boil….had more effect than most thought!!

  • 46 martoon // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:13 AM

    In the past we could have played Cisse in the reserves to build up some confidence and goal scoring form but now we only have the under 21′s which is not really suitable for a player like Cisse. So we have to play him in the first team and suffer the consequences of his lack of form.

  • 47 Tsunki // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:15 AM

    Nobody at the club knows how to form the attacking midfield properly, look at the way it gets messed about. Cisse has lost his game and ended up raking around for scraps too far forward. Shame.

  • 48 BandB // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:19 AM

    Ten minutes ago,

  • 49 Transfer Sage // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:19 AM


    Remy isn’t injury prone. He suffered a bit last year but before that he was playing over 40 games a season. But not sure if last years injuries have made him more susceptible to them reoccurring.

    Now on cisse…

    He is like many of our players and dropped off from when he first signed. Jesper is right, we focus too much defensively. Personally I don’t mind attackers tracking back, that’s fine, what I don’t like is what we so and don’t let them get properly forward…only one or two go forward at a time, no men in and around the box to make chances.

    We also sit way too deep as a team so we struggle to get forward as a group quick enough to exploit space when we win the ball back…also as we don’t pressure the ball high up we don’t win it back til around out box which means even breaking well we need to get players 80 yards forward to support cisse…which gives the other team chance to get their shape back.

    It’s why we look most effective in 442 with shola, it’s still poor but we have a slightly better outball that what we do in 433. Not saying I want shola starting every week but it gets the best from a pardew team.

  • 50 Ibizatoon // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:22 AM

    Tuff & BandB….What’s next, no fans at games?

    Why don’t we just make this easier, Mike, just give us a list of questions we’re allowed to ask?

    I’ll get us started…

    1) How much do you love Mike?
    A) Loads
    B) Super Loads
    C) More than NUFC!

  • 51 toonarmydownsouth // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:23 AM

    Mister Tuff
    Truly appalling that they are now shutting down the only line of communication with the fans by banning the fans!!

  • 52 toonarmydownsouth // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:24 AM

    No doubt there statement expressing there grievances at the media ban played its part in this move!

  • 53 RONNIE147 // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:24 AM

    One reason cisse isn’t scoring is cos we simply don’t create enough chances, get balls in the box etc. Question is why don’t we, we have some quality attacking players so why aren’t we getting the balls in the box? Pardew? Surely not the man is a coaching genius just look at how solid he has our defence with that 4 days a week defensive training!!

  • 54 BandB // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:25 AM


    For God’s sake, don’t give them ideas.

  • 55 toonarmydownsouth // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:26 AM

    MA probably shouldn’t of enrolled in the North Korean press relations school!

  • 56 toonarmydownsouth // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:27 AM

    There were plenty of chances created for the lad Wednesday, don’t buy that at all

  • 57 BandB // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:27 AM


    It was the NUST questions at the Fans’ Forum that led to the “cups are for the reserves” answer, and began the current brouhaha.

  • 58 Himanshu Dhingra // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:28 AM

    The reason Ashley is banning all these outlets is because all this negative publicity that they generate affects Sports Direct.

  • 59 outsidethebox // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:29 AM

    band b at 48
    could be so no awkward answers needed …ie rangers goods on nufc shop …money spent in official shop goes to sports direct…etc etc..only way to hurt ash is to boycott sports direct…cue ed to change discussion ?…

  • 60 RONNIE147 // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:29 AM

    Ashley is trying to run our club like the Korean leader. Well I hope Mike Do One gets the hell out of our club asap!

  • 61 toonarmydownsouth // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:29 AM

    Wow really? Didn’t see that but really that was the clubs answer?

  • 62 Ibizatoon // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:32 AM

    BandB….Sorry, my mistake.

    Tads…Watch you’re back, you can’t comment about things Mike shouldn’t have done. Shame on you.

  • 63 toonarmydownsouth // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:33 AM

    Good point
    All hail Mike Ashley!

  • 64 BandB // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:34 AM


    They said cups were not a priority, the league was, and the cup competitions would be used to give game and a chance to assess our reserve players.
    Though Pardew can’t already know about Obertan, Marveaux etc by now I’m not sure. That is what all the debate about what team Pardew would pick to start the city game has been about.

  • 65 Ibizatoon // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:34 AM

    Tads…Did you not look at the minutes from that meeting? Shocking answers really.

    Anything juicy was basically dismissed.

  • 66 Black and White with an army lol // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:35 AM

    Cisse is an f**king poacher, how else is he suppose to improve when he sits up top doing nothing.

    we currently use under pardew a 4-4-2, 4-3-3 & 4-2-3-1 two of these Cisse is set as a lone striker, a poacher as a lone striker REALLY!

    4-4-2 would be better using an poacher simply because of his partner, but then again the 4-4-2 realise on creative or fast wingers ( by the way we have 1, Obertan) to get good balls to him but then again it won’t work.

    HBA – inside forward
    Remy – striker/inside forward
    Gouffran – advance forward – role would suit best with poacher.
    Marv – playmaker winger.

    Sammy – striker/inside forward.
    Obertan – winger.

    looking at our squad we all must see our 3 tactics are not made to suit our players and Pardew is doing old school style tactics and that’s putting players into the tactics instead of fitting the tactic around the players.

    1 tactic i could put ahead of any one of those 3 tactics and it would be successful and that’s a 4-3-1-2

    Debuchy, Colo, MYM, Santon
    Sissoko, Cabaye, Tiote
    Remy, Cisse

    with this style we can play to our full advantage, creativity through the middle is what our team has, wingbacks who could make width in our style with 2 CM as cover for the WB’s whilst they push up ( Anita would love this style )

    4-3-1-2 pro’s – this style has 3 phases of play –

    1 – fluid & rigid mixed together could cause a hell of a lot of problems for the opposition to guess how we play.

    2 – on attack it can be converted into a highly measure of pressure with 4-5 players on top of the opposition and cause them panic for easy goals against them.

    3 – defensively can easily convert to a 5-4-1 leading to quick counter attack and cause more panic to the opposition.

    4-3-1-2 con’s –

    only 1 and that’s soon we will be bored with winning 4,5,6 – 0 against most opponents and rarely concede.

    if any 1 would dispute this i would gladly except a challenge.

  • 67 toonarmydownsouth // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:37 AM

    Do you have a link to the minutes or are they to watered down to bother reading?

  • 68 geordieboy83 // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:37 AM

    Stuart no.9

    I see where you’re coming from with Cisse, but for me it is a confidence thing. You can see by the way he’s snatching at things and going for power. A striker in firm places these chances not hit them and hope. With his offsides I think it’s unfair mate. Watch him closely he plays on the last shoulder and other than cabaye every one of our players holds on to the ball way to long. As a striker myself I know how hard it is to play the last man and atAy inside when players don’t release it. You have to pretty much stop or run the width if the pitch to Bend the run.

    Sissoko is still very young for a cm. he’s still learning how to impact games consistently. Anybody who saw yaya toure at Barcelona can’t possibly say he was as good as he is now. Essien, makelele never peaked til 26-27

  • 69 Ibizatoon // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:38 AM

    Whoops…damn typos.

    What I meant there is…

    Shockingly brilliant answers.

    Any ermm…I love how juicy Mike is?!?

  • 70 Ibizatoon // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:40 AM


    Of course it’s worthwhile to read and of course there isn’t a man dressed in SD gear towering over me why I write this…don’t be daft.

  • 71 BandB // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:42 AM


    If you don’t already use it, I strongly recommend you use the New Now button at the top right of the screen.
    It contains a rolling update of everything that is being written about NUFC in the media, papers, and blogosphere.

    You often see fans writing “I haven’t seen that story” and “I can’t find that story.”, when it is just a click away.
    Like this blog, it has a “previous page” facility for older stories.

  • 72 toonarmydownsouth // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:47 AM

    Lol yeah use that in my lap top but the mobile site doesn’t have it and I’m on my phone more than the lap top!
    But yeah I’ll start checking the news now homepage a bit more
    Sorry ;)

    Cheers mate now enjoy your coffee in your oversized SD mug or that man will tattoo SD on your forehead!

  • 73 Our Toon // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:50 AM

    Cisse missed the chances on Wednesday no doubting that, before Wednesday though I think I can only count on 1 hand the amount of chances he’s had. I will agree with one thing though and that is the lack of creativity in our current style of play, we prefer hard working wide players and encourage our best creative player (Ben Arfa) that he has to do his fair share defensively otherwise he is dropped. We are a fickle bunch criticising the very likes of Benny, forget about stats for one second… many times when he has the ball does the opposition double up on him or have 3 around him, he creates space for others which can only be good for the team, our best player by far but still gets criticised because of lacking defensive duties, shocking!!

    Not surprised that NUST has been banned, they only entertained that notion to keep fans quiet, it worked though because there are still a lot of people on here who hate the way the club is run but will not do anything to change/fix it. Just like we can all see things aren’t right on the pitch and with the players but management can’t/won’t fix it (PRIDE) from management through to the 50k + that go to games is the reason why we are in this mess, Ashley knows we won’t turn our backs on the club so carries on taking liberties, we the paying public complain about the owner, manager, and the way the club is run but have too much pride to turn our backs!! You reap what you sow, that’s what my mate who supports Citeh said and he’s right!!

  • 74 Our Toon // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:54 AM


    Spot on with noticing our lads holding onto the ball to long, playing on the shoulder means that the timing of the pass and run have to be perfectly timed… many times you see Cisse unhappy because that pass is delayed hence making him look stupid, how can we get it so wrong? how do his teammates not understand his game?


  • 75 BandB // Nov 1, 2013 at 9:54 AM

    Lee Ryder claims today that there were 20,000 empty seats for the City game.
    As he points out, that was during half-term with cheap tickets available.
    Two of my friends took six kids between them. Maybe that’s why there wasn’t too much noise.

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